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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Response to Silent Dave

I found your rhyme a bit put-offish
Toward Wee my valued friend
I hope with no intention to offend
Because if you did I will come over there
And kick your scrawny assish*

*Invoking poetic license in the form of a logodaedaly


  1. Ok, I suck ass at rhymes but here goes...

    I, for one, enjoy the rhymes of Wee

    There are times I get sick of Ray and her limericks fill me with glee

    This is just my 2 cents, and hell, nobody asked me

    But I thought Silent Dave's poem was the equivalent of stinky old pee.


    ::::that's ok, I can show myself out!:::

  2. Dale, Nonmagic, both of you settle down now, please.

    Silentdave wasn't picking on me. Or if he was then you gotta admit he did it with style, unlike Ray. Duelling in verse is an old literary tradition -- and you also gotta admit, it's a big improvement on actual flesh'n'blood'guts duelling.

    So, there's no offense since I've taken none.

  3. Wee,
    You said,
    "So, there's no offense since I've taken none."

    Yes, I detected that but you know me, I am an equal opportunity controversy creator!

    Well done. That looks Rather Ogden Nash-ish!


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