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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tell You What, Ray . . .

I'll start taking you seriously if you can convince me you're not pretending to believe that God exists.


  1. I can convince you by summoning my inner Ray:

    The Bible says God exists. To pretend to believe that God exists is like saying you are pretending that the Bible exists. Only someone as foolish as an atheist (Psalms 14:1) would be pretending that the Bible exists!

  2. Every sane human being is a disbeliever in god’s existence. Some people pretend he exists (Christians) but they know he doesn't. I know what the Christian knows because we have all of this scientific knowledge that is available to every man. They cannot plead ignorance.

  3. Religious faith is a false conversion from reality. The good thing about the latter is that there's no punishment for disbelief.

  4. disco,

    By what standard of logic does this Bible exist, how do you account for that standard, and why does that standard necessarily apply to the Bible?


  5. Tell you what Ray, I'll try to be nice to you when you try to be smarter.


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