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Monday, August 11, 2008


Since the subject of billboards was brought up, here is one that would make Ray's blood pressure go through the roof.

You Are Not Alone

"Don't believe in God?...you are not alone." billboard www.PhillyCoR.org

Ray first makes the point that atheists in England are either so few, unorganized, or poor that they cannot raise enough money for a sign on a bus, while American atheists have enough money for billboards around the country. ***scratch head***

Then he says atheists are lonely and bored. Ray's advise: quit harassing Christians and believe in God!

There are atheists and agnostics in every church in America who are afraid to voice their doubts or come out to their family and friends. They feel very lonely indeed. So let's repeat one more time out loud: Don't believe in God?....you are not alone.


  1. They have nothing else to do than harass Christians.

    Says the man who changed his blog name to "Atheist Central." And who street preaches and pesters homeless people with his hypocrisy. But it's different because it's God, right?

    I love how Ray Comfort seems to be mocking the atheist newfound need to band together and share mind. It's like he's forgotten the years when Christians had to identify with a symbol of a fish because of Roman persecution. Or his constant claims of "OPPRESSION OF CHRISTIANS," which just seems to be a rallying cry to shore up the believers.

    With every new post, the hateful Ray Comfort becomes more apparent.

  2. I live in the area, I may look into these guys. Ya know, cause it's just so lonely being an atheist. :( oh god, won't someboday please just give me hug! boo-hoo-hoo...oh, really hope they have those tiny mini hot dogs for snacks.

  3. Milo,
    Very well said!

    For Ray to generalize in this manner is bullshit of the highest order.

  4. Yeah, we sure are lonely, there's only like a couple billion of us globally.

  5. Yes, he's still pissin' and moanin' about atheists on his blog. His two most recent threads are on evolution and atheists. Who needs who, Ray?

    I wouldn't call it a new found need to band together. It's a simple human need.

  6. I'm not entirely sure I follow the line of thought on that vegetarian billboard...

  7. Rob,
    Eating meat is a sin. The pig was killed so you can eat bacon & pork chops, ergo the pig died for your sins. No meaning- I just thought Ray would find it more offensive than an atheist billboard.


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