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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Terry Burtons sez:

@ 'fake' Allfiredup

you said "Just because we can't see Him or hear Him doesn't mean He doesn't exist. If we use this reasoning to it's logical conclusion, then NOTHINNG exists UNTIL we see, taste, touch or hear it - a truly stupid approach to reality."

Watch your name calling brother, or whatever you are. You criticize others, yet call names at non-believers.

You give evangelists a bad name. I would have used "illogical" instead of "stupid".

If you want us to take you seriously, come out of the closet and reveal your profile. For all we know, you are just an atheist pretending to be a Christian.

Praying for you! Hope you see there is no "LOVE" in your last statement. It destroys your credibility. God Bless !!! :)
HBKS video! HBKS video! my blogs.

Terry calling out another Christian for impolite behavior and impersonating someone else? Destroys their credibility? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  1. A public bathroom toilet looks at the other public bathroom toilet and says, "You make us look shitty."

  2. ...Sorry for bringing this up, but while reading the comments over at Ray's Crib, I couldn't help but notice this commenter going by the name joshua john jangula making a point about atheists believing in Abraham Lincoln juxtaposed to Jesus Christ, and how we use the same reasoning to believe in the former, making our non-belief in the latter illogical.

    I don't know how well this stands with me. There are pictures of ol' Abe Lincoln.

    P.s. I find it funny the answer that Christians give when trying to reason why atheists don't believe in their God- Because we're angry at him. Matt D. once mocked this in his podcast The Non-Prophets...It basically went along the lines of "Ooh, You got me mad! I'm not going to believe in you because you got me mad! ...How dumb is that?"

  3. The arrogance that comes with thinking one knows what is in another person's head is palpable.

  4. TB is an asshole. A psychotic asshole. "It destroys your credibility". That's funny. I wouldn't believe Burton if he told me water was wet. Five hundred years ago he'd have All Fired Up or whoever didn't agree with him or criticized him (or his butt-buddy, Ray) the least little bit, burned or otherwise executed.

  5. Rando:

    What thread at Ray's is this post from? I may want to follow it and see if AFU replies.

  6. r.s. I saw that post by jjj but I couldn't be bothered getting into it with him. The bow he drew was too long...

    Just thinking about it now though, the tack I would probably have taken is that nobody claimed that Lincoln cured lepers, the blind...no loaves and fishes...oh yeah, the whole coming back from the dead thing.

    Bit of a difference between "so-and-so" lived sometime in history, and "so-and-so" lived, is the son of God, died for your sins etc...

  7. Rufus:

    It's in the "What Really Matters" thread.

  8. I just had a mind blowing revelation. Abraham Lincoln never existed. But, I only no longer believe in him because I'm mad at him for getting his brains blown out and ruining a perfectly good theater night.

  9. I had an image flash into my head too a while back. Jesus had just told Terry and his mates that he who is without sin should throw the first stone. As the woman walked away, Terry whipped out his cell phone and dialed his mates at the FBI, who promptly arrived and stoned the woman to death.

  10. r.s. "making a point about atheists believing in Abraham Lincoln juxtaposed to Jesus Christ"

    we do know one thing for certain about both of them. If they existed, then they are both now dead.

  11. The only records for Jesus that we have are posthumous documents written by people with a vested interest in his existence. John concludes his Gospel saying there was so much to tell that there wouldn't be enough space in the world to store all the books that could be written. A crappy piece of hyperbole when John himself only mamanged to write twenty-one short passages about Jesus (and the Gospel we have was clearly expanded after John had written it). The story about the woman not being stoned for instance was a later addition.

  12. I have to admit, I admire your (raytractors')persistence. I stopped reading Ray's blog as i couldn't deal with the idiocy anymore. For the time being, i rely on Raytractors to sift through the stupidity and pull out some of the golden nuggets from that blog.

  13. *Ring ring*

    "Kettle's Residence. Oh, hey there, Pot! What? You've got something to tell me?"

    I wonder if it would be too much to find some of the things he's called me.

  14. Well, naturally Rob, you are a false convert. Because you don't buy everything Ray Comfort sells hook, line, and sinker.

    Also, he is still claiming his accusation of Jason being a homosexual wasn't baseless.

    And it is apparently "illogical atheist propaganda" that I called him on it.

  15. Here it is:

    @ Rando, you are sadly mistaken.
    I did not make a false accusation.
    Pay attention to the thread instead of the atheist babblings in your head. OK? if you have proof, show it. Your conjectures and theories are illogical.

    Terry wouldn't know logic if it was tarted up in a swimsuit holding a bottle of Budweiser on a poster in his houseboat.

  16. Rando said:

    Also, he is still claiming his accusation of Jason being a homosexual wasn't baseless.

    Is he? Has he suggested any kind of base for his claim, then? Cause I heard it wasn't gay if you pretend you're sleeping.


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