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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Here's the text of Ray's latest post over at "Atheist Central":

After 14 years of preparation, a new scientific wonder of the world opened for business Wednesday with the official startup of Europe's Large Hadron Collider.

The $10,000,000,000 particle accelerator is the biggest, most expensive science machine on earth, designed to probe mysteries ranging from dark matter and missing antimatter to the existence of extra, unseen dimensions in space.

All well and good, until you look at the picture associated with the post - which is a picture of a starving African child.

The implication is clear...we shouldn't be spending money on godless Science while children go hungry. Admirable enough...except I remember just how much Living Ministries clears in a year, as well as the value of the house in which Ray Comfort lives.

Here's the text of my reply to his post over on "Atheist Central". I'm reposting it here because I'm pretty sure it won't make it past Ray's "filter":

Hey Ray,

How much do you make from Living Waters ministries again? What's the worth of your house again?

Charity starts at home, hypocrite.

(BTW, feel free to censor this comment. It'll be up over at the Raytractors.)

Isn't there more than a few Scripture passages where Jesus rails against "the hypocrites"? Funny how Scripture counts only when you want it to, isn't it, Ray?

UPDATE: It appears that my comment about Ray's income and living arrangements was indeed censored. Oh Ray, you're so predictable...


  1. Ray censored a post I made about a friend of mine who was a hemophiliac that died of AIDS in 1995.

    I guess that contradicted his assertion that AIDS is caused by homosexuality and promiscuity.

  2. I just left a comment that in 2007 Americans gave almost 300 Billion to charity. That's 30 times the LHC 10 Billion. Haven't seen it yet.


  3. Gentlemen, Ladies. My first post here...

    I admire Ray: He has found a way to be a lying hypocrite, have thousands of admirers and fans who won't hear a bad word said against him, and roll around in millions of dollars worth of cash all at the same time.

    Few people who aren't polititions can manage to juggle all that.

    More on topic, I just learned that the LHC won't actually start colliding atoms for some time, so we won't know until at least next month if it is going to create a self sufficient black hole which will destroy the earth. Wednesdays activation was just testing each beam seperately.

    Ten billion dollars to smash things into each other at (relatively) almost twice the speed of light, and a chance to destroy the world in the process? Bargain!

  4. One thing you could never accuse Ray of, though, is being good at acrostics...

  5. drbenway:

    I'm surprised he didn't blame homosexuals and other sinners for your friend's death. That's what they usually do.

  6. Let's imagine that there is a village where only two people live. One is a baker and he eats only bread, the other is a fisherman who eats only fish. Each man has $1. Now one year the baker buys a fish from the fisherman with his dollar. He needs to get the money back so he sells a loaf of bread to the fisherman for a dollar. Total money spent on fish and bread that year = $2. Now the baker enjoyed the fish with his bread so much and the fisherman enjoyed eating the bread with his fish so much, that the next year each of them spend $1 a day on the other's produce. That's $365 and a better diet for each of them. Total money spent $730. A the end of the year, both of them still have $1 so where did that $730 come from and where did it go?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Quasar-

    Welcome to a (relatively) sane blog.

    "Ten billion dollars to smash things into each other at (relatively) almost twice the speed of light, and a chance to destroy the world in the process? Bargain!"

    Your recent post on how those with a distorted evangelical, fundamentalist biblical worldview cannot fully appreciate the lives they have in the here and now...Priceless

    Thank you for posting that.

  9. fuck...just fuck...that's all I can really say..fuck-fuck-fuckity-fuck.

  10. Benjamin Franklin: Thanks. Once in a while I come out with something minorly profound, and it hadn't happened for a while, so I think I was storing all the minor profoundity up for that one post.

    Actually, given the good responses, I wouldn't mind having it posted here. How would I go about joining the Raytractors?

  11. Quasar, Seed me an email, we'll get you added. See my profile for my email address.

  12. Yep. Done. Sent to the gmail account on your profile.



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