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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ray Breaks His own Rules

In the title of Ray's most current post, About the god You Don't Believe In, he didn't capitalize "god". Irukandji brought it to his attention. How long before he changes it or tries to hide it some other way?


  1. I think he was trying to make a point that the god that was being 'not believed in' was not the real God.

    Clearly, if we knew the *REAL* God, we'd all believe in Him. As we do not believe in Him, it is clear that the god that we don't believe in is not the real God, but is only a god...that we don't believe in. Something like that?

    The thing is, from his belief system, this is a correct observation and I don't have too much of a problem with it. From the viewpoint of people who live in reality, of course; all gods are make-believe unless they come with a tasty marinara sauce.

    He's still a cunt though.

  2. expatmatt:

    You're probably right. I need some sleep.

  3. I rather think he doesn't think enough to be that clever, EpM...

    He seems to want to understand reality through emotion, so his posts are either bitchy if he's feeling abused, lofty if he's feeling reverent, or haughty if he's feeling superior. And I think he changes the rules in the same way; he ignores the ruleset he established if it suits him, deletes posts even if they adhere to his published standards, requires name changes for no reason, etc.

    Other than not being very intelligent, I don't think the guy's reliable...

  4. I really wish somebody like Kaitlyn would have an effect on him, and show that he might actually get a better reaction if he bothered showing a bit more respect than "Bear with me while I reason with you."

    Things like his post today, they aren't so bad from a proselytizing perspective. I can read long-winded preachings like that and respect the message and the intent behind it. But then Ray throws out underhanded insults like above at us, and it just shows that he's not even willing to respect the debate enough to engage us.

    No, I didn't just realize that, I've always known it. I just like to say it once in a while.

  5. Semi-random question: Does Ray moderate comments himself?

  6. Dave, good question. Who's running the blog? Is it just Richard and Ray?

    Sometimes it gets updated at like 2am which leads me to assume maybe Richard does some of the moderating.

  7. I have always assumed there was more than one person behind the (god-fearing) wheel...

  8. My assumption was that he had a whole "call-centre" dedicated to it. In India.

    Which would explain why we keep on getting put on hold, and get no coherent responces to our questions...


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