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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Look, Ray, Here's All You Need To Know About Atheists

Atheists : God :: Ray Comfort : Darth Vader


  1. The latter find the lack of faith of the first to be disturbing?

  2. Don't be too sure about this, Dave.

    I wouldn't swear that Ray actually grasps the difference between real persons and fictional characters.

  3. You might think that it's 2008, but it's 1984 over at AC.

    Did anyone else notice that when the current ark dimention (sic) post went up the letter to the editor said that Richard's reply to "Mr Dyer" was that to find the dimensions of Noah's Ark, he should read chapter 5 of Genesis?

    Well, I certainly caught it, and while there were still 0 comments on the post, I fired off a response saying that Richard Gunther's knowlege of the bible was as shoddy as Ray's knowlege of geology, biology, physics, and science in general.

    I then took him to task for not responding for my repeated requests for evidence of a global flood, and said that Richeards letter certainly provided none.

    The next time I went to AC, I looked to see if my response was posted & if there were any replies to it, but it was not posted and the text in Rays original post had magically changed to chapter 6!

    Its a fucking miracle!

    God is the best damned copy editor in the world! He changes mistakes after they have been made to prevent Ray from looking even more incompetant and ignorant than he is

  4. I just posted over at Ray's World and I think that it might be a fun idea to boycott his little blog for a while. His posts have gotten sillier and sillier.

    The only thing that keeps his blog going is the atheists who take his bait. I admit that I have been guilty of getting so pissed off at his stupidity that I had to write something.

    But it's going nowhere. And just making him popular. That's what he likes.

    He gets off on "controlling the dialog."

    I'm sure that within a month, his blog would look like it did a year ago when no one was responding to him.

    Leave him and Terry and Mark "huck" Levine to play with themselves.

    We could still post here. And you wouldn't have to scroll through so much bullshit to get the rebuttals.

  5. If by AC you mean Atheist Central, you may want to be aware that there's a REAL Atheist Central in town now.

  6. ben,

    Ray does that a lot. It's one of the main reasons I stopped posting over there. I'm really sorry that I contributed to him retroactively editing away some of the funniest bits of bullshit he's posted. By correcting his errors you're only contributing to him appearing smarter and more coherent than he actually is.

    I'm still on a personal strike after nearly six months. You can do it too!

  7. To post or not to post? That is the question. I agree with earth boy, et al, that we Atheists are making Ray's site more popular than it deserves to be.

    It might be fun to leave him with only his fundie fan club for awhile. See if he misses us...

    We can still respond to his rudeness and insanity in our usual clever and biting manner -BUT only on Raytractors -and hopefully watch RAY's site turn into Death Valley.

    After all, without us he's just a short, funny-looking crazy. (WITH us he's a short, funny-looking crazy with an educated audience.) Pretty soon there'll be nobody left but (HBKS) Terry. Ray might have to change the name of his site again! Maybe "Boring Delusional Anti-Intellectual Christian Fundies Central" (or maybe not...)

    Let's face it; debating with Ray over science is a waste of time - like having a battle of wits with an unarmed man. It’s not like he actually responds to any of our posts, anyway. He just quote mines us for more "material" for his ever-more insulting analogies.

    By the by, whatever happened to that guy who was raising money to go to an island resort to study advanced religious panhandling? Did he make his bus fare?

    In closing I'd like to say that I don't presume to tell you all what to do...I'll leave that to the Christians...but I have not posted to Ray's site for several weeks and I don't miss it. I mean, come on, Noah's Ark!?! All I can say to that is "A mind is a terrible thing to waste



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