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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Have a Sunday snicker, folks


  1. It takes a very 'Sick' mind to 'mock' the Son of God on the cross. His crucifixion was documented in historical records with Rome.

    Even if you don't believe in Him, show some respect for your fellow mankind. He loved you enough to die for our sins. Food for thought.

    Praying for you! May God Bless you in a special way.

    In His Love, Terry

  2. Terry,
    Just for your edification, I want to tell you that I totally and completly renounce the holy spirit.

    Shut your fucking face.

  3. Hey, butthole, why would I respect something that I renounce?

  4. Terry,

    Take your deluded bullshit some where else and go take your psych meds.

  5. Hey Terry?

    The juvenile-deliquents/atheist-terrorists/internet-thugs want you to stop threatening, cursing, and belittling us.

    We're asking nicely.

    PS: "May God Bless you in a special way."
    Awww. Did the preist bless you in a special way Terry?


  6. What can we say? The man loves him some quotation marks.

  7. Wow, I just checked out Terry's site. It almost reads like satire.

    It's funny that these Christians break the commandment against idolatry by worshiping Ray Comfort.


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