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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Disturbing Images

Everyone. Imagine Ray Comfort's face. Now; imagine Ray Comfort's face when he's having sex. You're quite welcome.


  1. Actually, I would expect his "face" to look like my "face," totally disgusted with this swapping of genetic material. It's just disgusting. Ptewie..spit.

  2. Ray Comfort's face having sex?

    Probably looks a little something like this.

    (Safe for work)

  3. Shag,

    please, promise me, I will give you my first born child, I beg of you...never do that again.
    I am so fucking sick and tired of seeing that masthead that I just want to shit on my comuter and smear it all over that ignorant countenance.

    You have managed to ruin my whole night.

    Eight hundred dollars later I will be thinking that was a rather bad decision, and just pee a little bit on the laptop, since it already took a whole cup of hot tea and a bowl of chicken noodle soup and survived.

    You know what I'm sayin?

  4. Hey man, don't blame me. Rufus is the one who brought it up.

    I only tells it like I sees it. If you require some gastrointestinal assistance to make life bearable, that's your own sitch. :-)

  5. There goes dinner.

    ...and tomorrow's breakfast...and lunch...

    Hell, I may never eat again.

  6. Ah, nonmagic, you, maragon, the other female Raytractors, just imagine looking up into that face...

  7. I wouldn't mind that so much Rufus if I could add a ball-gag.

  8. I just vomited a little in my mouth.

    Thanks, Rufus.

  9. There goes Saturday's food...Rufus, you're saving me a ton on my grocery bill.

  10. You know... This guy actually has a son.

    Oh no.

  11. Methinks you ladies doth protest too much.

  12. ...better than thinking about baseball as a way to improve endurance.

  13. Er, this post just reminded me of this picture of Ray.

    Unfortunately, I don't have the original anymore. Having pictures of Ray on my hard drive made my computer that bit stupider.


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