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Monday, September 15, 2008

Definitely can't be serious...

"I heard this morning that a friend had a massive heart attack and died. It was nothing serious . . .
he knew the Lord. Of course, it's a sad time for the family because they will miss him, but every time someone dies, I am reminded that death has lost its sting for those who have repented and trusted in Jesus." Ray Comfort, 15/09/08 (or 09/15/08 if you use completely illogical US dating ;-) )

I accept Christians think that when other Jeebus-fiddlers die they go to Heaven. It's utter bunkum, but I accept that they think it's true.

Raymundo, on the other hand, is truly pathetic. His emotions are so bent out of shape by his repressive beliefs that he doesn't express so much as a quantum of loss. He notes the family will feel sad and miss the dead man but for himself..? Nothing. Clearly he cannot view the sadness as unchristian, as he doesn't reproach the family for it, yet for his friend, he expresses no feelings except an obvious joy at being able to preach.

I'm not going to call him a cunt again - even though he plainly is incredibly cunty - I just feel rather sad. I pity him.


  1. Out of respect for Ray and the loss of his friend, I don't want to use this post as a reason to bash Ray. The death of a friend can be hard, and right now, Ray needs our love and support even if he puts on a tough-guy exterior.

    I suspect Ray's post was more to assure him that everything is OK rather than anything else.

  2. No, he's definitely still a cunt.

    I think non magic made the point recently that nothing shocked her anymore when it came to Ray's posts.

    I could easily believe that there is no dead friend, but that he's remembered the many comments that were put forward by atheists to suggest that a 'True Christian' wouldn't be sad at a fellow believer's death. He's just trying - way too hard - to show what a 'True Christian' he is.

    I'm predicting he'll be back with another evolution-denial special in 3...2...1...

  3. I have no more love or support for Ray Comfort because someone close to him died than I had 5 minutes ago before I found out someone close to him died.

    Comfort deserves to be bashed for his persistent spread of a doctrine of hatred, intolerance, lies and willful stupidity.

    My position on Comfort and his despicable so-called ministry does not sway in the light that someone around him died. People lose people that are close to them every moment of every day. That does not excuse them from irresponsible, repugnant behavior towards others, nor will I pretend that it does.

  4. Ray's whole point is that death isn't a big deal for him.

    I feel bad for the family who lost their relative, and I feel bad that Ray lost a good friend. But he is using his post to say two things:

    1. His friend's "massive heart attack" was no big deal yay afterlife is all that is important.

    2. Atheist are teh dumbz.

    If he only wanted to say #1, I'd be sympathetic. But he used #1 to state #2. He's using his grief to attack us rather than find our sympathy and support (hands up to those who would give him sympathy and support if he just said "My good friend had a heart attack... it's really sad, but I'm comforted by the fact that he knew God"), so I needed to say something.

  5. I lean towards it being more of Ray's baiting. And I'm sure it will work. Of course, since it's Ray Comfort I wouldn't be surprised if it's anecdotal.

  6. I'll vote that Ray made it up. His dishonesty and shamelessness know no limits.

  7. My position on Comfort and his despicable so-called ministry does not sway in the light that someone around him died. People lose people that are close to them every moment of every day. That does not excuse them from irresponsible, repugnant behavior towards others, nor will I pretend that it does.

    I absolutely agree!


  8. Lest it be unclear, I would just like to clarify that at no point did I intend to suggest that anyone should mollify their feelings for Ray as a result of his friend's death.

    I am disgusted that he treats what for a normal person would be an occasion for reflection and grief as an opportunity to preach.

    I find it sad that anyone should be so warped by their religious views that they are seemingly unable to experience normal, healthy human reactions to death and consequently I pity him.

    Make no mistake, my pity is contemptous.

  9. I've read accounts about deeply faithful believers crying in fear when death approached, and I've personally experienced atheists dying in peace and relaxed.
    As usual, generalization by 'counting the hits and ignoring the misses' doesn't work. Well, apparently it does work if the reader is gullible enough to take every word as face value and not think for himself.
    Was it not Ray who stated several times that there is no guarantee of God's mercy, that one can only hope not to be judged and sentenced? Salvation allegedly comes with 'knowledge' of Jesus and full recognition, acceptance and compliance. But who can know that another, even oneself, has truly reached that ideal and is not fooling himself or others? Apparently Ray is claiming to be able to know what no person can really know, and he can even discern the 'hearts' of others. This is nothing less than shameless, hubric self-aggrandization on Ray's part - typical of the would-be prophets all around the world, of countless different faiths, of all ages of history and pre-history, all claiming to know what they can't know, and completely contradicting each other.
    If they get really really lucky, they draw the grand prize of being remembered by their words inscribed in a rock, for generations of the far future to smile at in mild amusement.
    That is all.

  10. I'm with Charles.

    Smells like another Ray-created excuse to wail on atheists. I certainly wouldn't put it past him, considering he pretty much makes his living as a manure spreader.

    And you know what? Even if Ray didn't make it up, using the death of a friend to wail on your detractors is doubleplus unfuckingcool.

    But look, if being dead isn't a big deal for a godbot such as Ray, why the fuck do he and his ilk pray to be healed when they're sick or to be spared a hurricane? If they're like Ray, they should embrace death and none of them should cry at a funeral - it's God's Plan. Right?


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