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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alternative After-lifestyles

Short post from my blog that I thought I'd also post here:
There are two important truths to understand here. First: God will not "torture" anyone. He will give them "justice." A criminal may believe that his being thrown into a cold prison because he viciously raped three teenage girls, is torture. The judge rather knows better. He calls it "justice."
Right-o Ray. Way to take a page out of the torture-proponents handbooks. God won't "torture" people, he will simply give them "justice." Just like waterboarding and other torture techniques the US employs. We don't "torture" people, we simply have "aggressive interrogation techniques."

And you see, there is no "Hell." Really, there is just an "alternative life-style."

And, you vile atheists, consider this: a person may believe that his being burned, tormented, and plagued with sickness for all eternity because he once told a lie, is torture. God rather knows better. You may call it torture, but he calls it "justice."

P.S. This post is not "sarcasm." I "mean" everything I have typed. And the quotes? They don't "negate" whatever is in them. Ray Comfort is "not" an idiot.


  1. Seriously, he doesn't think when he's typing. He simply emotes, and turns it into text.

    I'm hoping I can manage to stay away from his bin of looney tunes for a while. It'll help me recover some of the brain cells lost due to over-exposure...

  2. Here, in U.S. we have such thing as a prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment, so one man's torture doesn't become another man's justice. Maybe the U.S. constitution is an affront to Ray's god, but if that's the case this is one immigrant I have no problem tossing the hell out.

  3. What of murder?
    In the theistic worldview, murder is the destruction of a provisional vessel, a physical body containing the 'real thing' for an extremely short time span compared to the eternity souls allegedly exist. If the destruction of this vessel warrants an eternity of 'just' punishment - speaking of the illogical term 'an eternity' - I would ask why. Very little is lost. In human justice systems, this would equate sentencing someone to life in prison (unto death) for destroying someone else's car. In Ray's worldview, this would go even further, issuing the same sentence for even petty theft, even thinking about adultery or coveting another's possessions. How can a sane person equate torching someone's car and blowing the vehicle up with a person still in the car? A few centuries ago, people would be hanged for poaching. If that is ultimate good, Pol Pot and Saddam Hussein were two of the best people who ever existed.
    Allegedly, Jesus stood (and still stands) in the way of that justice.
    Logically, God would send Jesus to Hell for eternity. But he likes to make exceptions for himself. Much like the two afore mentioned dictators.


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