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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Which One Is Frightened By The Truth?

Ray Comfort said,

Why don’t you atheists quietly back off? It’s not helping your cause. Stay on the atheist sites.

The Raytractors' site says,

Here's a place to critique Ray Comfort without being subject to his rules of censorship. We are a community of mostly atheists and agnostics, but theists are welcome to join.

You decide.


  1. I posted this idea somewhere else but... I think he said this BECAUSE atheists were starting to leave.
    For a while most of his posts had over 200 comments. Now they have 30ish. If the atheists are leaving and he wants to still seem like he is in control, he has to make it seem like that is what he wants.

    So the atheists are already leaving, so afterwards he tells they to go. It's a power thing. It makes it seem like he is still in control.

    I also think this is why he renamed his blog "Atheist Central". Lots of atheists were posting and he had to make it seem like that was his plan...

    So, again it's a power thing. He needs to LOOK like he's in control.


  2. Eminently insightful, Jill. Excellent observation.


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