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Saturday, August 9, 2008


I created this thread for you to come and place your objections, or any questions you'd like to ask us.

The reason? While I have nothing against moderated comments, I do think that a conversation should be without moderation (It's time consuming).

Don't worry, this is not some kind of trap. We welcome theists (You also said you didn't agree with Ray completely, that's good!)


Brian said...

Ok well to both of you I will ask this one question how can an atheist account
for morals or logic? When you can answer these questions I will debate you. I
have an online radio station and would be glad to debate you on air even
allowing you to make up your defenitions.


  1. If this is pre-supposistionalism again I'm going to kick a puppy.

  2. It sounds like he's headed that way. Ask him if he knows Sye.

  3. I'd be happy to talk to Brian regarding his objections to atheism, but first, just for clarification, what does he mean by "account for"?

  4. Silent Dave - remember Sye?

    This guy is going to claim that we can't know anything outside of god because logic only exists if god exists by the impossibility of the contrary.

  5. http://www.onlychristianity.org/

    That is his blog.

    I just regretted this. He gets his arguments from the carm website.

    I thought he had some of his own...

  6. Oh no. CARM. I think CARM is the largest provider of material for Fundies Say the Darnedest Things.

  7. I used to argue over at CARM, maybe I've spoken to him before.

  8. Ok well to both of you I will ask this one question how can an atheist account
    for morals or logic? When you can answer these questions I will debate you.

    Magic. Now, when can you schedule me in? My answer is as well supported as yours.

  9. You guys are going to laugh if he shows up here. You can see by checking out his blog that he's got nothing. And even if refute his arguments as politely as possible, he'll eventually whine that you're being mean to him.

    At least that's what happened to when he told me that it would be ridiculous to believe that cars evolve, so it is equally ridiculous to believe that people have evolved.

    When I pointed out all the flaws in that analogy, he ignored them and said his argument was still valid. Then he accused me of "worshipping dark things".

    So....just a heads up of what to expect.

  10. On the CARM site they list Raelians under secular movements. Ha ha :P

  11. The golden rule of 'do as you would be done by' predates Christianity and Judaism by thousands of years. It is simple, effective and applicable to just about every situation, and it is obvious to see how it would benefit the social cohesion of a group, granting an evolutionary advantage above a group that is purely selfish.

  12. Is it just me, or would I not want to be labelled as an "Apologist?" It just conjures up images of "trying to make up excuses to apologize for illogic."

    ... I mean, that's exactly what it is, but I wouldn't exactly be proud of that fact.

  13. I've wondered about the term Christian apologist myself. Are they admitting that Christianity needs to be apologized for? If it was absolutely true and right, why does it need an apologist?

  14. He's not coming. Moderated comments on his turf is MORE honest.

    Brian said...
    Why do I need to go there? I am just asking how you account for them and you start the strawman argument your attacking me and not the argument? I know most my comments there will be blocked thats why I would rather do it here I have to be honest and I will be but I know how atheists are with stuff like they they have no reason to be honest. So you see its best done here I have my morals and I must be honest and post both sides.

    Why do SOME Christians have the YOU'RE PROSECUTING ME FOR MY FAITH mindset when all you do is ask them something?

  15. It amazes me how Christians can have persecution complexes.

    And, just like for other claims, the proof that we let every comment through is available right here on the Internet... you just have to look at the comments to posts.

    I shall attempt commenting to his comment at his site.

  16. Told ya he'd quickly accuse you of attacking him.

    BTW Brian attacking the person rather than the argument is an ad-hominem, not a straw-man. Get your logical fallacies straight.

  17. Dis:

    You're right. Christians love to feel persecuted. They'll try to turn anything into persecution. Just saying that you don't believe what they believe is persecution. Jesus told them to expect to be persecuted and reviled for his sake and they go looking for it and love it.

  18. Well, I can't find that comment to comment back on it.

    I hadn't read past the strawman statement, as I was just going to correct him on misidentifying that fallacy.

    After reading on, though, how offensive that comment is! He has morals? Atheists cannot? We're dishonest? He knows "us"?

    Why bother even commenting on or reading his blog? I'm nothing but a rude, dishonest, immoral atheist to hear him put it.

    Oops, my use of "atheist" was a redundancy for "rude, dishonest, [and] immoral."

  19. Brian is a special case. He used to comment frequently and pretty much have his ass handed to him every time. (no huge surprise there) That was in the beginning of the year.

    He’s got some illness. Fibromyalgia, or something like that. He used to try to argue with Clos, boy that was ugly. I kind of feel bad for him. But there really is no reasoning with him. At least from what I have seen. Good luck though.


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