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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Methinks He Doth Protest Too Much

Too Much Attention
"I think we really are giving him too much attention. It is our constant reaction that helps some Christians think that Ray is really getting to us, or that he has something. If we ignored him he’d be less successful." From an atheist website.This person is right. Why don’t you atheists quietly back off? It’s not helping your cause. Stay on the atheist sites.

Somebody is very cranky.


  1. So he renames his blog 'Atheist Central' and then wants the atheists to go away? Uh, ok.

    I think he has a wet diaper over being called out over lying about PZ.

  2. I think that the "doth protest too much" line can be used for about 90% of the crap he says.

  3. If non-believers ignored Ray Comfort he would die. He'd go crazy. And he wants atheists to stay from his blog, but, since July 18th, he's now at 31 total posts, 22 about evolution and/or atheists.

  4. Which atheist web site do you think he's refering to? Is that a quote from The Raytractors? If so I don't think it's recent. Does this mean he actually reads atheist blogs? ha-ha

    I wonder what Ray thinks our cause is? "Not helping your cause"- that cracks me up.

  5. I'm pretty sure Ray thinks our cause is to bring people to satan so when jesus comes back he'll have to torture more unbelievers. What fun jebus will have in the end times.

  6. I think that fucktard always posts about evolution because his uninformed minions do not understand it, will not try to understand it.

    This is a very shrewd strategy, in my book. The main difference between freethinkers and fundamentalists is that they are motivated to cover up any evidence refuting their beliefs, while we welcome all past and new evidence whether it changes the paradigm or not. In fact, I love it when something new and controversial comes along and watch the scholars start to tear it up like junkyard dogs; amusing and so interesting.

    It becomes obvious that Ray's propensity for constantly hammering on evolution is a good game plan in the short term and that is all he needs. He'll be retirement age in four years. stressing Evilution is merely a smokescreen to sidestep all the other problems with his irrational belief system, like:

    The contradictions, inconsitencies, and absurdities in their holy book of myths.

    The questions about the authorship of the bible and the motives of those who did write it.

    The Geologic column, the Flood myth, etc, et, et., I need not go on about that for this group.

    Ray is going to dance with the gal he brought to the party, that is very clear. He hates when we bring up differences between the xtian cults and people like Rob Penn always get under his skin, hehe, the fly in the ointment.

    Professionally, I am in charge of strategic planning for my organization. SP is absolutely fascinating and it provides a continuous challenge, with suprising outcomes!

    One of my basic premisis was uttered by Gen Dougla MacArthur:
    "A plan is nothing; planning is everything."

    Strategic planning includes the construction of a continuum, thus, we have made a mark with our "strike." What is next?

    Like the shoemaker's kids who have no shoes, I always resist applying my professional experiences to most blogs because I like to shoot from the hip a lot and there is no where else to cut loose with some freewheeling conversaton.

    If I could be so presumptuous, I'd like to make a suggestion.

    I think we should totally ignore anything and everything that Ray posts about evolution. Instead, reply with a question about something else with the explanation that- Ray, you do not understand evolution, so I have a question about ***something in the bible***

    It is then fun to watch the clowns start throwing pies at each other, if you know what I mean. hehe.

    Imho, this would break the cycle of the evolution argument and begin a more diversified converstaion, though a "forced" conversation.

    Then we have two points laid out in our continuum, showing us where to go from there.

  7. Shiver or AllFiredUp (can't remember which) once accused me of asking only easy questions.

    As I recall, my question was about god repeatedly "hardening Pharaoh's heart" and sending ever-worsening plagues upon Egypt as a consequence of Pharaoh's god-induced stubbornness. I think I asked "What about Pharaoh's free will? did god cancel it, or something?"

    And as I recall the apologist never actually answered my "easy" question.

    I used to annoy the fundies at Yahoo!Answers with questions like:

    If belief is a choice then why don't you choose to re-believe in Santa Claus?

    Explain like I'm stupid: If atheists have no morality then why are the prisons full of theists?

    Lemme get this straight: God works in mysterious ways -- except when he agrees with you? How d'you figger that?

    I gotta lotta these saved up.

  8. "If belief is a choice then why don't you choose to re-believe in Santa Claus?"


  9. Wee,

    Rat own.

    Ray likes to keep the conversation away from basic stuff and expound on the very thing that none of his minions understand.

  10. dale,
    you make some very good points. It's guru strategy 101 - find out what your target group doesn't understand, and sell them your ideas about it. As long as they believe you have some deeper understanding of 'the spiritual' and are a good guy, they'll buy anything. Build a cognitive wall around the groupthink, add some conspiracy flavor (they're killing God, they want to force sin on us all, they are ruled by Satan) and random unsupported accusations (porn links, moral depravity, theophobia) about the 'outsiders' to cement your in-group position.
    I see a few of them are not afraid to engage the outsiders in discussions away from the home turf and are rethinking their position on some things, including Ray's honesty and motivations. The cement is withering and crumbling. Unfortunately, people like Ray can easily find new followers, betting on the reliable constant output of uneducated and gullible people.

  11. Ray deleted this post. Too bad for him I have it posted here.

  12. ray writes at August 10, 2008 6:17 PM:
    Patti...my posts get emailed to a mass of people who don't have access to the comments. So when something I say wouldn't make sense to them, I delete it before it gets emailed out.

    Thanks for asking him Patti. I'm not a blogger, so I have a question to all of you who are:
    Does Ray's answer make sense? I always thought that blog posts would get emailed automatically to a subscriber. Wouldn't they be sent when they're put up, or how does this work? How can one prevent a post from being sent by deleting it?

  13. Felix:

    I think this is about the question I asked Patti to ask Ray, since he didn't allow mine through. I'm looking, but can you tell me in what thread Ray wrote that reply? Thanks.

  14. Felix: From what I understand, it doesn't make sense. I would think they get sent out automatically. But I don't know for sure. It sounds like typical Ray Comfort bullshit.

  15. rufus,
    it's in the "WDAY' s Explanation Regarding the Debate" thread.
    Ray's answer would make sense if blogger used software that gathered the posts from the page after they have been posted for a specific time, or if there was something like a 'send all posts' button. I'm not aware that either exist.

  16. Thanks, Felix. I didn't know where Patti had posted the question. I don't know how it works, but I would think that it would all go out at the same time. He still didn't mention why he didn't let my post that asked him about it go through.I didn't break any of his rules. But it's all par for the course for Ray Comfort.


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