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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Theists: "Atheists hate God"

I am so sick of this one. This piece of intellectual flotsam, or one of its derivatives ("You're angry with God", "You're rebellious against God", "You think you're wiser than God", "You think you're more righteous than God", "You mock God", etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum) surfaces with monotonous regularity. Probably one out of every four posts made by theists contain some derivative of this basic theme.

Today, I received a reply from "Scott" that took this crap to a whole new level. I just had to share this one with the class:

How many of the "fundies" (as you call us) do you think were raised with this world-view ? I'd venture to say very few. I, for one, was not.

In fact, I was raised to hate the name of Jesus and to lean on my own understanding to guide me into whatever "spiritual truth" I could dream up. Actually, the only reason I came to recognize Jesus (Y'shua, in Hebrew) as the Messiah of my people is because I tried to prove born again Christians wrong about two things: the Bible and who Jesus is.

If only you could put aside your preconceived notions and hatred for the same things I once hated. Perhaps, then you'd recognize this is no game.

Sadly, the only way this will happen is for you to put down your walls of pride in order to be humbled by the One you mock.

Anyone else blurt out "BULLSHIT!!!" the moment they read "In fact, I was raised to hate the name of Jesus"? Hands?

That's right..."Scott" was raised to hate the name of Jesus. Apparently, they had a picture of the Son of God taped to the heavy bag, and each member gave Him a good gut-punching every night, after which they wound down by drinking baby's blood and chanting the praises of Satan.

You'd think that theists would be better liars, what with all the practice they get.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. "yone else blurt out "BULLSHIT!!!" the moment they read "In fact, I was raised to hate the name of Jesus"? Hands?"

    *Raises hand*

    I don't know any secularly raised individuals who were raised to hate ANY deity. o0

  3. *raises hand*

    I was taught to hate the name of Zeus, though.

    *rereads the name he just wrote and is filled with rage*

  4. DiscoIgno,

    I totally just had an image of you standing on the top of a cliff in a high winds. Rain is whipping about, and you raise your fist and shake it at the lightning on the horizon as you scream,
    "CURSE YOU ZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111oneevelventy!!!1"

    Oh man, at least I amuse myself.

  5. Hey -

    Way OT, but just wanted an outside opinion. This "andy" who has recently appeared at ray's looks like a Poe to me. From the PZ thread:

    ...I can't imagine they meant Ray since his idea of chickens having puppies is easily more understandable, to me, than a lizard having a kinky intestine just so it can eat greens. That's just ludicrous. Who ever heard of a digestive system favouring a particular diet?

    Next you'll be telling us cows have four stomachs. You guys are so dumb, you'll believe anything.

    Oh look, a pimple! I'm evolving!!!

    Has anyone else noticed?

  6. It's possible that some seriously fanatical Jews would raise their child to hate Jesus, since they would believe he was a false Messiah. I don't know about this guy, but it's possible.

  7. Here's an interesting piece of garbage I pulled from this with the following quote:
    "....I came to recognize Jesus (Y'shua, in Hebrew)..."

    What purpose does pointing this out serve?

    it reminds of the moview "Dumb and Dumber" when Harry is talking to Mary about they're dog grooming business and says:
    "Well, I used to have a parakeet, but my main area of expertise is canines – that's dogs, to the layperson."

    I'm sorry,
    but what a jackass.

  8. Rufus beat me to it,

    I'm betting this guy is a messianic Jew (and a fundie) since most christians don't know jesus as Y'shua (or much Hebrew for that matter). I'm guessing he was raised Jewish and is exaggerating his "raised to hate jesus" story or he really did have fanatical parents who hated a god they didn't even believe in.

    Here is another give away: "..as the Messiah of my people..."

  9. Rufus & Sorcerer:

    If Scott was indeed raised in a conservative Jewish household (as he indeed claims later on in the thread), he would not have described his upbringing as "to lean on my own understanding to guide me into whatever "spiritual truth" I could dream up". That attitude is in opposition to conservative Judaism just as much as it is to conservative Christianity.

  10. that's true, what a bull shiter. You either grow up in a religious home or not.

  11. *Raises hand*

    Lying little shit!

    but Zeus...now there is a guy worth hating!!!

    *shakes fist*


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