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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chumming the waters yet again.

Well, our buddy Ray has a new post up...this one is nothing more or less than an excuse to level more insults against atheists. Here's the relevant paragraph:

It is because of God's love that I care about the fate of those that lack intelligence (atheists). When the atheist says that there is no evidence that God exists, I take the time to reason with him about creation not being an accident, even though it is intellectually demeaning to have to do so (atheism is the epitome of stupidity). It's an intellectual embarrassment. But I have done so thousands of times, and will do so until my last breath . . . thanks alone to the love of God that dwells in me.
Well, Ray, you should know a little something about "intellectual embarrassments"...

I'm not sure we should even respond to this latest desperate attempt to bait us...instead, perhaps it would be best to discuss this one here, and save our replies over there for issues of more substance than "you're stupid".


  1. I would like to concur with the notion that this post doesn't deserve our comments.

    It's obvious bait, let it be, guys.

  2. I was going to say this, almost fell for it:

    "Ray, you're a jerk."

    That's... pretty much all he deserves for that post.

    Honestly, to everyone who has been breaking the strike: want to leave for real? His post count is shooting back up and he's ramping up his hatred. We really should try to Googlewhack him.

  3. (And by Googlewhack, I mean get ourselves linked near or above his site when searched for "Ray Comfort," like what Expelled Exposed did.

  4. I am commenting at A.C. trying to get an honest response from Ethan or Keith. But posting there makes me feel dirty.

  5. I agree with milo. I post there to have conversations with other christians, I couldn't care less about Ray, he just says the same stuff. I feel bad though because it's still Ray's site and I don't want to give him too much attention.

  6. Shag, I admit I've been breaking the strike more and more, but it's kinda difficult to stay away when Ray writes a post that consists of nothing but a quote from you (unattributed, of course).

    It's a shame that most of the theists don't have the nerve to come over here and meet us on more neutral ground. I wouldn't put it past Ray to have specifically instructed his "flock" to avoid posting here via email.

  7. There's plenty of places to dialogue with christians without posting on Ray's blog.

    I'm just sayin'.

  8. My response to that post is simple and succinct : Ray Comfort is a twunt.

    He has no interest in honest debate or genuinely trying to persuade anyone to become a Christian. All he wants to do is sell his tawdry pamphlets and dvds to fundamentalists who feel guilty for not doing their fair share of evangelism. He continually posts outright barefaced lies about evolution and atheism in order to provoke a response to build his own profile.

    If he was a genuine Christian, then he might feel some shame for continually flouting the commandment against bearing false witness, but he is obviously a charlatan of the sort that the Jesus of the bible would have booted out of the temple.

    Phew. That feels better for having got that out of my system. No more posts on Comfort's crappy little blog. Ever.

  9. Trip, the thing is that it won't do anything. The Christians worth dialoguing with on his site come here. Andrew, Rob, even Brittany and Michelle... they come here into our water and tread with us.

    Ray never does anything but draw a line in the beach sand and work as hard as possible to create the antagonism. Even here, we fall for it. Ray has made a smoke-and-mirror show where attacking his dishonesty and bigotry is an attack on Christianity.

    Ray needs us. Not just to give him a post count or someone to make fun of, but to entirely justify what he does. As long as he has the Terrible Atheists around, people will follow him because look! He's punching Satan in the face every time he tries to spread the Gospel. Look! he is proving how strong Satan is in the tiny brains of the foolish, unreasonable atheists. That makes Living Waters necessary, in their eyes.

    Fighting on his territory, even when he's completely wrong, does nothing but support his "cause."

  10. I posted some over there because of the lies about the debate and the missing Too Much Attention post, but it'll take something massive to pull me back. Actually, has anyone been to The Panda's Thumb and seen the new Darwin letter? It's hilarious. I'm waiting for someone like Terry Burton to bring it up. Check it out.

  11. There are some especially ignorant comments over there today. Even by Raytard standards. It is incredibly hard not to post.

  12. Hmm. Ray is either obliquely bragging about his many successes (eyeroll) in showing us up, or he's trying harder than ever to engage us. Either way, it's pathetic.


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