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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Still Chumming

Head over and check out Ray's latest, Seeing is Believing. He misses us so much.


  1. There is other bullshit as well. The new post Man or a Mouse? I haven't posted there in over two weeks. Now I think I need a break from even reading the inanity, the asinine posts and replies.

    Keep chumming, asshole. I'm gonna take a break from even reading your idiocy.

  2. In that thread Steven J says:

    This is a problematic transitional form. The Ray-head on top lacks the sagital crest to anchor massive jaw muscles needed to cope with a gorilla's leafy diet, as well as the prominent canines needed to intimidate rivals. Yet at the same time, the organism could not compensate by selling cheesy gospel tracts and trashy pseudoscience, as the gorillas among whom it lives have very little disposable income. It is not at all clear how such a transitional could survive to pass on its genes.

    That's gold. I think the extraordinary patience he's impressed us all with is starting to erode. You can only politely tolerate Ray's BS for so long.

    And in Ray's Man or Mouse post, I'm 99.9% certain he has no clue what the word homologous means.

  3. Yeah, in the Man or Mouse post he uses every absurd term he can think of to get a response.

    He has coined a new term in this sentence:
    "There are no rules and no bounds of the imagination when it comes to the 'theory tale' of evolution.

    Theory Tale? HAHA!

    As Rufus said, he just gets more bizarre every day.

  4. If I could, I would remind Steven J that:

    "Ah, but so long as he can continue to remind the lower-caste gorillas of 'The Day I Put That Banana In Its Place', he can continue to pound his chest -- what there is of it -- and elicit those vital squeaks of admiration: 'Great thump, Ray!' Therefore, his continued dominance depends not on musculature but on memory."

  5. Bing McGhandi (may Shatner's merciful waffles fill his belly) merrily eviscerates this one here:


    Also, will someone take pity on me and explain how to put a link into these commboxes?!

  6. Wee-

    I posted a link to show you how to format a link at your blog. Hope this helps.


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