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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Joshua S. Black- Ray Comfort Wannabe, & Panhandler by Night

Like some magnetic attraction, I find myself going back to Joshua's blog from time to time to check out his success in begging for money to go to missionary school in about three weeks.

As I stated in the past, if this were one of my kids I would not hesitate to advise them to get their sorry asses to work and save the money to achieve their goals. In fact, my kids did work and got loans to further their education because the institution that loaned them the money had a fairly reasonable assurance that they would get paid back, and they were. Of course there are no institutions that would loan money for an "adventure" to the Bahamas to learn the fine art of "missionary work." I wonder why?

Josh still has his "prayer request" calendar (pray for "ME") available for you all. You need to take full advantage of that.

This mind set is very intriguing to me. I can hardly explain my curiosity satisfactorily other than to ask you, indeed, implore you, to explain what could ever bring a fairly articulate, attractive and personable young man to reach this level of delusion? What type of early training or environment could produce this bufoonery?

Since he makes no mention of any biographical information, he leaves this open to speculation.


  1. I know what you mean dale.
    He should start working down at the truck stop for some extra cash for his brainwash school.

  2. The Prayer of the Proselytizer:

    Lord, send me someone even dumber than I am!


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