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Friday, August 15, 2008

Speaking of recordings from Hell.....

This is an oldie, but a goody....Ray gets demon- bombed during prayer :::eyeroll:::

From Randy Robinson.net: Demons. Real or not? They're in the Bible, for sure. And when you consider people like Adolph Hitler and Ted Bundy, an argument for some hellish influence can be believed.

But do demons manifest, like in the movies? And if so, can you capture it on tape? A friend of mine, Ray Comfort, believes so.

Recently, he sent me an e-mail with some audio clips that he believes captured the audible manifestation of a demon -- one that calls itself "The Keeper." The first manifestation comes from an old encounter between Bob Larson and a caller to his radio program. During the conversation, a girl names Rebecca either manifests or witnesses a demonic intruder, beginning with a sound that Ray describes as "a cross between an angry growling dog, and a slow-sounding cricket."

Here is the mp3 of Terry, I mean the demons, haunting Ray.

I also think Ray really does take every opportunity he can get to demonize (pardon the bad pun) Catholics and pretty much everyone else that doesn't agree with him. Notice in the Randy Robinson link how he describes a Catholic person:

"We had been preaching every Saturday afternoon for six months, but the last few weeks something seemed to be stirring in the spiritual realm. One afternoon the entire crowd became restless and very abusive, for seemingly no reason. The next week a wrath-filled cussing Catholic burst into the passive crowd and screamed at us to stop the preaching. He was furious. The foul-mouthed, hate-filled man said that we were to get out of his city. He was clearly demon-possessed. Legion style."

Restless and abusive for seemingly no reason?? Could it be, Ray, that they had finally had enough of you spewing your utter stupidity, lies, and BULLSHIT in public?? A wrath-filled demon possessed cussing Catholic? Ray clearly is a spiritual Jerry Springer.


  1. Ah, Bob Larsen (that's Bob, in my current profile pic). He brings up some strong memories. I use to listen to his radio program and laugh and laugh; and wish that the poor, disturbed people who believed they were possessed by demons would get some real help.

    Anymore when I hear about people who really believe in demons I think of a news story from an year ago about an old man who died after being tasred by police in Phoenix. He was tasered because when they got into the house the old man was choking his four year old granddaughter because he believed she was possessed by a demon.

  2. I often wonder what kind of psychosis can create such a disturbing sound and say such distressing things.

    What cause people to start saying stuff like this or sounding like this? I mean, some kind of hypnosis, but what would inspire someone to say "I am the Keeeeeeper" or "Right now, she belongs to my master..."

    Really weird.

  3. Shaggy, I think it has to do with suggestion and expectation on the part of the person saying it.

    I think the person knows that this will get them attention and that when they are prayed over and are 'cured' they will please the person(s) who did the praying so that is one explanation. This could be either conscious or subconscious on the part of the person doing it.

    Also, I think it has to do with conscious beliefs in demons as real entities and that belief operating on a subconscious level to produce the effect of 'demons' taking over the person.

  4. Great find. How'd you come across that?

    Does that whole exchange sound scripted? It seems artificial and poorly acted. They pray, the sound quickly comes in, and then the dialogue is Abbot and Costello:

    "What was that sound?

    "I didn't make a sound."

    "Well I didn't make a sound. If you didn't make it, and I didn't make it..."

    "It sounds like the Keeper."

    "Oh, I just happened to realize that I ws recording it the whole time!" Gosh, golly, what a coincidence.


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