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Friday, August 15, 2008

Sound Recording of Hell (Real)

Sorry for the Autoplay (hit pause if you're scared). Put the children in another room. Listen and be AMAZED and SCARED!!!!

The anthropology website that uncovered this audio.

EDIT: I couldn't fix the autoplay (was getting kind of annoying having to scroll down and turn it off every time I refreshed the page) so I deleted the file, but the link is still there for anybody who wants to hear it. -- LCJ


  1. LOL wtf? If I horror film tried to use that noise as soundtrack to some kind of murder scene it would be an epic fail.

  2. Hell is some sort of rollercoaster ride apparently.

  3. Yeah, and finding Hell is like drilling for oil. It's just a mile or two below.

  4. Sigh. I went down a well once (nope, didn't fall; climbed down on purpose). While I was down there I heard a lot of noises, including some just like these. I was about eight at the time and even then I knew there was nothing down there but me and air.

    Large hollow space + air currents = weird noises

    Weird noises + dubious recording equipment + lamentably inadequate education system = urban legend

  5. This story has been circulating for over twenty years. If you look back at it the country and the names constantly change to suit the teller of the tale.

  6. If hell is the worst of all conceivable realities, then what we heard was NOT hell and I can prove it:

    Listen closely to the tape.

    Did you hear any rap music? Or Celine Dion? Or Pop Tart music?

    No matter what was happening on that tape, it would have been worse with rap music, or Celine Dion, or Brittany Spears.

    Therefore, it wasn't the worst of all conceivable realities.

    Therefore, it wasn't hell.

    Q. E. D.

  7. When I hear 'Dear Art Bell', I know it's gonna be priceless.

  8. It sounds like they took a microphone to the local fair and recorded some people screaming on a ride and then garbled it.

    Hell = county fair. I knew it!

  9. Or polka music.
    I'd rather have a root canal than listen to polka music.

  10. Have you ever audio of the guy calling Art Bell from his personal plane as he flies into Area 51? More comedy gold. Listening to that show reminds you that religious fundementalism is only one flavor in the world of unhinged thinking.

  11. BTW, Can someone kill the autoplay on this?

  12. HOLY SHIT!!! I've been there! Really. Thats my sons elementry school lunchroom at 11:52 am everyday.

  13. Hey, I think I heard my wife on that audio clip...

  14. Man, who knew that screaming in agony could sound like a soccer game?

  15. Oh, for fuck's sake...kill the autoplay or delete this post!


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