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Friday, August 15, 2008

A gift.

I'm off on holiday for a week, spending my time relaxing on a yacht in the Greek Mediterranean worshiping Satan and sacrificing babies, so won't be able to chip in for a while.

As a token of my esteem for the bloggers here, I wondered whether the pics in this post might be useful to brighten up Raytractors in the way Ray brightens up his? In case you can't quite make them out, it's a picture of a generic middle-aged man with a moustache of the sort you can see anywhere, saying something silly. I lthink he's called "Gray Prosperity".

If anyone has any suggestion for other witty slogans Gray might say, do let me know... ;-)


Edit: Here's the requests. Right, now I really am off on holiday tomorrow, so no more for a bit.


  1. Evolution's a lie, but demons are real!

  2. Enjoy the hols....lucky bast....

    How about this for a Ray slogan..

    "Let me tell how horrible you are..."

    or maybe

    "I know what wrong with you!"

  3. "Go directly to Hell,
    Do not pass Go,
    Do not collect $1,000,000 bill tract."

  4. Gray "Tiktaalik has a funny face, so what?"

  5. Is so silly that you think Ray would actually say those things.

    But I'll leave you to your last resort.


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