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Friday, August 8, 2008

Ray and Terry

From Ray Comfort to Terry Burton:

Terry...I would be grateful if you didn't put "hbks1.blogspot fieryphoenix.us" on your posts. I realize that it's not a URL but it looks like it, and gives the appearance that I am compromising the rules--when I let them through. Thanks. August 8, 2008 10:19 AM

The first funny thing is, in Terry Burton's two replies to Ray's Atheist Memory Verse post, he includes three of his "not URLs". Granted, he may have posted them before he read that Ray asked him to refrain from doing so. But it almost seems as if he's taunting Ray, daring him to ban him or something.

And what will be Terry Burton's reply when he does read Ray "criticizing" him? "You're not the real the real Ray Comfort, atheist..."


  1. I love how Ray is willfully ignorant of what a URL is. This is the worst, that Ray is willing to let "fieryphoenix.us" and something.blogspot go is an insult.

    Someone who posts there: try slipping in raytractors.blogspot or something missing the www.- and see what he does.

  2. Yeah, the latest posts from Burton are before Ray told him to stop. You can tell from the timestamps.

    Bout time, Ray. The double standard had only been brought to his attention 20 or 30 times. Let's see if he actually enforces it.

    And what will be Terry Burton's reply when he does read Ray "criticizing" him? "You're not the real the real Ray Comfort, atheist..."

    Unfortunately, I think Terry would cut off one of his arms if Ray Comfort told him too, so I don't think he'll be as uncooperative as he is with everyone else who gives him well deserved criticism. Although it would make my day to see him turn on Ray.

  3. theShaggy sez:

    Someone who posts there: try slipping in raytractors.blogspot or something missing the www.- and see what he does.

    I have, Shag...I tried to post a comment that contained "raytractors.blogspot.com". No "www", no "http://", and no clickable link, but nonetheless, the comment was (predictably) deleted.

    Ray is a hypocrite, but at this point, that's like saying the sky is blue.

  4. But that's the difference between your and terry's "urls," he posted "hbks1.blogspot," without the com. That's why it "isn't an URL."

    Fieryphoenix.us IS an URL, though, so Ray is pulling shit as always.

  5. One day Ray is going to get a package in the mail and it's going to contain part of a bloody ear.

  6. Ray let another link through, this time by Shiver:

    If you want more info on the nature of Jesus Christ goto


    and search for

    (Who do you think that I am)

    (Emphasis mine)

    Someone needs to educate him on what an URL is.

  7. Terry reminds me of a supervillain in waiting. Ray is going to piss him off, and then he's going to take his wrath out on Ray. After that, his agenda will spread to all religious people.

    All he needs is a costume and a code name.

    Okay, I read too many comic books. Sue me.

  8. I thought Ray only banned links, not urls. That's really going too far. What a control freak. And I've seen links posted too.

  9. On Ray's "apology" thread, Terry Burton once again posts one of his "not a URLs". The sheep can't even listen to the sheep herder.

  10. Lance sez:

    Terry reminds me of a supervillain in waiting.

    Here's proof. ;)

  11. Terry can join my Cult of the Raylians if Ray rejects him.

  12. Milo, according to the posting rules at the top of his page:

    "Cuss words (mild or abbrev.), blasphemy, URL’s, incivility, or failure to give
    the name "God" or "Jesus" capitals, will be deleted."

    So anything construed as a web address is up for Fail.

  13. Did anyone notice Mike & Lizette arguing with me about what a url is?

    My comments are in bold:

    Typing in "fieryphoenix.us" will indeed take you somewhere. Please follow the rules of this blog, Terry. And Ray, please try to be consistent in enforcing them.

    Jason I tried clicking on your link and nothing happened, must not be a working URL. Equivalent to saying Google "ham hocks" is not a URL you have to copy/paste or type it in, in order for it to be a genuine URL. You need this; http:// in order to be a URL

    Here's the thing: Either you're being dishonest on purpose, or you're just incapable of understanding anything at all. I have little patience for either.

    Since you are obviously capable to post a comment on this website, although I admit it's probably very difficult for you, I must assume you know the difference between typing and clicking. So please, stop twisting what I've said. It's transparent, dishonest, and pathetic.

    Jason I did try and click on your link and nothing did happen that was the point, nothing dishonest about that at all...

    Let me spell this out for you: I said when you TYPE the link, it takes you to a site. You are saying when you CLICK the link, it doesn't take you to a site. Maybe you're not being dishonest, but you are definitely not reading what I'm saying.

    ...but I understand according to you when a Christian makes a point it is being transparent, dishonest, and pathetic, unlike the atheist when they scripture twist right or speak of Christians.

    Gnope, you just made that up. As a Christian myself, the only people I've seen lying and twisting scripture on this blog are the fundamentalists.

    And that's all I'm saying to you. I seem to remember that a long time ago I stopped talking to you for whatever reason. You are an impossible person because you don't pay attention to what someone is saying.

    Why would I make that up, you are the one who said that I a Christian was, transparent, dishonest, and pathetic.

    I do apologize; I didn't know you were a Christian, the distinct characteristic you shown is of an atheistic undertones. But again this fundamentalist who believes the Bible is the Word of God, I do apologize.

  14. When Terry Burton posts those on Ray's blog, clicking on them doesn't send you anywhere. When an email comment comes through Gmail, clicking on the "link" does send you to the blog or whatever.

  15. And I considered pointing that out to M&L, but decided it was definitely not worth the 15 rounds of comments it would take to get them to understand what I was saying.


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