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Friday, August 8, 2008

From the Ben and Jim Show

E-mail I received from the producer of the show.

Hi Terry,

I’m going to give you the short answer, as I have sent several lengthy answers to several people already, and I hope they get posted at both Comfort Food and Pharyngula, in order to sort this all out.

Long story short: Ben, Jim, and myself made the decision to change formats on Monday. We could not get in contact with Mr. Comfort’s people after several emails (which we discovered was probably due to problems with our email server). We contacted Dr. Myers, and he graciously moved his interview to Wednesday morning. We received a response from Mr. Comfort’s assistant from the last email we sent, and we assumed the rest had been received and that it was understood on Mr. Comfort’s part that the format was changed. Mr. Comfort did not ask before, after, or during the show about the whereabouts of Dr. Myers, so I assumed that he was aware of the change because of the emails. This apparently is not the case. With our emails being unpredictable all week, any email from Mr. Comfort regarding why the format was changed was not received, if one was ever sent.

Thanks for your interest,

Erik Matson

Producer, Ben and Jim in the Morning

WDAY Radio


  1. Gahhh! Navy blue on black???

    Please change the font color for the quoted text!


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