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Friday, August 8, 2008

Another WDAY Email

In addition to Rufus' email, I have received a lengthier reply as well, which they said to post where the discussions were taking place:
For why we decided to change formats, we came to the conclusion that being we are a caller driven show, while having both Mr. Comfort and Dr. Myers on at the same time would be entertaining, neither would have been able to fully develop their respective positions, or take many questions from callers. We decided this Monday afternoon. We attempted contacting Mr. Comfort, with no success, and when I spoke to Dr. Myers he was gracious enough to move his interview to Wednesday morning. We sent several emails to Mr. Comfort (actually his assistant) with the changes to the format, and the emails were eventually responded to.

It is possible, however, that the information in the emails to Mr. Comfort’s assistant was not passed in full to Mr. Comfort. It is also possible that one of the emails we sent to Mr. Comfort’s assistant was lost due to the problems we’ve experienced here with our email server this week (which has been an absolute nightmare). This could account for the misinformation that Mr. Comfort is stating on his blog (or wherever he is posting it, I have not looked at your links yet). I will email his assistant this afternoon and try to straighten this out.
I have a two part discussion on this, the second one of which is concerning the above letter:
Part 1: Epic Evidence of Ray's Dishonesty
Part 2: PZ is a Chicken: WDAY Responds

Ray... dishonest much?


  1. Ray has posted a letter on his blog.


    This must be a first. I think the Raytractors need a giant post about this, it shakes the very foundation of our cause.

  2. theshaggy,

    Come on, you're calling that an apology? Really? Am I missing the sarcasm?

    Ray was "wondering" if Dr. Meyers was a chicken? Atheists "embellish" his words?
    Sorry for the "misunderstanding"?

    What a jerk.

    Ray's own words:

    My reply: "Thank you very much for your kind explanation. The first communication I received that the debate was off, was ten minutes before I was due to go on air, and therefore wondered if Dr. Myers had chickened out (I have had that happen with atheists). My apologies to you and to him for the misunderstanding.

    I am in the very enviable position of having a mass of atheists follow me around, and for some reason they have a habit of embellishing my words. Still, I am honored that so many read my daily blog and welcome more. Thanks again for having me on your program. Best wishes, Ray."

  3. Yes, Shag...that's hardly an "apology". Basically, he "apologized" for the fact that we seem to have twisted his words.

    Poor widdle Ray. What a schmuck.

    Here's my reply to his bullshit:


    Ray sez:

    The first communication I received that the debate was off, was ten minutes before I was due to go on air,

    Somehow, Ray, I doubt that very much. It's unfortunate, but you've demonstrated time and again that you are not to be trusted.

    ...and therefore wondered if Dr. Myers had chickened out

    Oh, I see...you didn't accuse him of chickening out....you merely wondered if he had. Right. Kind of like how FOX News "wonders" if Obama is a Muslim terrorist.

    I'll quote your "wondering" again, for everyone's benefit:

    ...you mean the guy who was a no-show at the last moment. He was supposed to debate me. I wonder why he didn't show up? Do I smell chicken? Afraid of banana man :).

    Ray, your implication here is crystal clear, and your attempt to worm out of the responsibility of your words just underscores your poisonous disingenuousness.

    (I have had that happen with atheists).

    You know, somehow, I doubt that, too. Go figure.

    My apologies to you and to him for the misunderstanding.

    Given the fact that you refuse to admit your wrongdoing, your "apology" is as worthless as everything else that comes out of your mouth.

    Once again, your complete lack of character has succeeded in making me physically ill.I'm so very glad that I don't subscribe to your inane beliefs...I'd be worried that I wouldn't make the grade and have to spend eternity in Hell...alongside you.

    You go to Hell for lying, Ray. Your magic book says so.


    Think it'll get through?

  4. A backhanded apology at best. And even that probably killed Ray. To even to that, admit that much? He probably became physically ill.

  5. I am just not buying that Ray was unaware of the format change.

    1. If I were to debate someone on a call in show, I would not mention their noticable absence 2 days later.

    2. The hosts stated during Ray's air time that PZ would be on the next day.

    3. Ray's assistant was able to get the message and reply.

    4. They had no trouble getting in touch with PZ to reschedule.

    Even if Ray's account is true, which I highly doubt, it leaves him with no excuse for his behaviour. Serisouly, what kind of grown adult behaves in that manner without having their sanity or at the least their maturity questioned?

    It reveals a very disturbing but continual pattern with Ray Comfort.

    Run with an assumption, ignoring all evidence that you might be mistaken and when called to the carpet, obfuscate, make excuses, distort the truth, but DO NOT be accountable.

    Sounds just like his views on science.

  6. Sarcasm and astonishment is exactly how I took it. He obviously wasn't trying to admit he made a mistake, and he never said "Sorry I called you a chicken, PZ," instead it was more "sorry our words got crossed."

    But still, he used the words "my apologies," which is AMAZING progress.


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