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Friday, August 8, 2008

Dan the Debunker Disproves Evolution

I said I wouldn't go back to Debunking Atheists as Dan has decided to delete all of my comments because "it's his blog" and he can do what he wants. Jeff the Fish, though, posts Hilarious Creationist Quotes from my old friend, luring me back:
If science and nature is truth and evolution is the opposite then evolution is a fraud or a lie. I rest my case.
Had I seen it sooner, perhaps it would have made my begging the question post.


  1. Stupid question! *drink*

    And if a tinhorn is made of tin, then what's a foghorn made of, huh?


    And if apple pies are made from apples, and if lemon pies are made from lemons, then --

    What do they make shepherd's pie from, huh?


    Call it the Raytractors' Stupid Question Drinking Game. Don't play too often.

  2. He deletes your comments? Seriously?

    What a chickenshit! He makes Ray look like a paragon of virtue! =P

  3. weemaryanne, I'm just wondering about those tiny jars in the supermarket...you know...the ones with pictures of babies on them. I tried some, but the awful goop inside didn't taste anything like fresh baby...perhaps the canning process does something to the flavor. :/

  4. TMM

    Yeah, like what happens with many vegetables and beer, the fresh is always better then the bottled or canned. it has to do with the process they use to fit the whole baby in that little jar. For future refrence, Girl Scout Cookies lose A LOT of the Girl Scout flavor durinng manufacturing also.


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