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Friday, August 8, 2008

Some questions directly for Cynthia


Cynthia, when you wrote the above comment, did you mean all atheists ? If so, are you including in that the atheists who were once Christians and no longer are ? If so, you would be including me in that and a lot of other atheists, but since I can only speak for myself I ask you this: How do you know that I have never once acknowledged my sinfulness and need for repentance ? That would be saying that you know everything there is know about my life when I was a Christian. I would really like an answer to this, Cynthia.


  1. Because we don't believe in sin? It's not a difficult concept to grasp.

  2. Correction, NT.

    You weren't a Christian. You were a false convert. Duh.

  3. Where did she post that comment?

  4. Dave, I should have put that in my post. It is under the latest Atheist Memory Verse post at Ray's.

  5. Yeah, 'cause repeating ABRACADABRA until everybody is sick of it always works.

  6. That precisely illustrates the technique. It's a simple form of autosuggestion. Repeat something to yourself, associate other thoughts with it, act accordingly. Using this, you can make yourself more confident (for exams for instance), improve social behavior and numerous other things. It's one of the things our minds can do which religion has learned to exploit. Nothing miraculous or revelatory about it. Taking it one step further, auto-hypnosis works for many people too. Neuroscience isn't exact on the details yet, but current measurement methods and biochemical analysis are making strong progress.
    Ironically, the same techniques are part of the methods used to de-program cult members.


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