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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Proof That Ray Hates Knowledge

(Foolishly I pulled an all nighter and drove back into town starting at 1am in the morning, and now I have to re-adjust my sleep schedule. And yet, I find myself up at 4am going between reading the Bible and reading the Qur'an.)

I was reading Proverbs and thought, wow, this passage must have been intelligently designed for Ray. I submit the following as proof that Ray Comfort hates knowledge:
Whoever loves correction loves knowledge; But he that hates reproof is brutish. (Proverbs 12:1)
Ray hates correction and, therefore, he hates knowledge. I could submit a laundry list of instances where he hates correction, as I did with his dishonesty, but perhaps I'll just point out one he pulled today (err, yesterday).

He disavowed the banana argument again, but did so stating that the evil atheists cut it and edited it to make him look foolish out of context. Of course not, and that's an example of him being dishonest.

Where he hates correction is because he conceded the argument two years ago when he was corrected on it that the bananas we know were indeed intelligently designed... by man. God made a horrible banana and man improved it (though, I suppose Dan would argue this proves God again as he intelligently designed man to intelligently design bananas, but I digress).

Having conceded it there when corrected, he still continues to trot it out, as pointed out in No, The Banana *Is* Proof. He now insists that the reason he doesn't use it is because the atheists live to edit everything he says to make him look like a fool.

Or, just as one more example as its from my favorite blogger, the atom? Ray writes that the Bible says that everything is made up of atoms. He claims when that was written, science was ignorant of it. A person corrects him that Democritus proposed the atom 500 years before the New Testament. What does Ray do, having just been corrected?
Rando, I have done some research and you are right. Good one. I have made the correction on the site, and have contacted our printer to have the tract changed to include the sentence: “SCIENCE THEN: Science was mostly ignorant on the subject” (I added the word “mostly.” Thanks for your input.
Which is why the title is: Ray Comfort is "Mostly" an Idiot.

But wait! Ray claims that he loves the truth!

No. He just hates correction. That's why he persists with the same debunked arguments for 35 years.
No. The banana doesn't prove God because, among others, it was improved by man to get to its current state.
No. The Coke can does not disprove evolution anymore than my Pepsi can disproves sexual reproduction.
No. Atheists don't claim to "know there is no God" nor "pretend there is no God" nor "hate God." Atheists don't believe in God and therefore cannot pretend there is no God nor hate him.
No. Telling one lie doesn't make you a liar any more than telling one truth makes you truthful.
No. "Creation necessitates a Creator" doesn't prove there is a God anymore than "evolved beings necessitate evolution" proves evolution (science does).

No. You may claim you love truth, but your Bible says that you hate knowledge. Who should I believe, Ray? You or God?

(Ten Raytractor points to the Christian who can point out the logical fallacy used in the premise of this post.)


  1. Good post. It seems some people need years of reminding before something trickles through (no, not Ray, it's too late for him I'm afraid). Although, I have met people who realized what a waste of mind their religion was after the age of 50, even 60 in one case.
    Ray detests knowledge, he likes only answers. Not quite the same thing when you're an uncritical believer. The test anyone can do for themselves is, read something and then ask yourself if you believe it, and if so why. If you find yourself in unthinking acceptance, maybe you've got a problem with your critical thinking. If you read something you don't really understand, be honest with yourself and admit it. Learn more, look up words, combine ideas in your mind until you understand. As you have pointed out nicely, the Bible itself doesn't want to be taken in uncritically. It was written down by different people in different times. People make mistakes. Divinely inspired or not, even with a Holy Ghost (for sake of the argument) pointing them in the right direction, that does not mean they turn into drones or cannot make errors.
    It takes a suspension of thought to turn yourself into a drone.

  2. I wanna see who gets the logical fallacy.

    I think you should do a few posts for Christians only where they are given a list of statements and are asked to pick the fallacy. They could win a little prize or something.

  3. "Ray hates correction and, therefore, he hates knowledge"

    An extrapolation of the false dilemma, called the Package Deal Fallacy.

  4. It is more accurate as the fallacy of false premise now that I think about it.

    1. The Bible says that he who hates correction, hates knowledge.

    2. Ray hates correction
    3. Ray hates knowledge

    Assumes the premise is not demonstrably false.

  5. This post, along with the other one that you linked to, proves that Ray isn't just sometimes dishonest. He's habitually dishonest. Not just that, but he tells the kinds of lies where it's easy to get caught.

    And yet his followers hold him up as some kind of moral authority. That's what really offends me.

  6. hi jg,
    I really liked your posts at Ray's. Good to see you here.
    But you can't answer, didn't they tell you you couldn't be a Christian over there? ;)

  7. Yeah,

    Ray told me when I corrected him on the atom issue that he contacted his publisher to make the "correction".

    That was sometime in January. I checked his website not long ago, and they are still selling the original tract.

    I reminded Ray again, and was predictably ignored.

  8. you guys are just being "megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bullies"

  9. @Felix

    "hi jg,
    I really liked your posts at Ray's. Good to see you here.
    But you can't answer, didn't they tell you you couldn't be a Christian over there? ;)"

    Haha, ya I've been accused of being an atheist in diguise by the lackeys. Apparently, Ray's particular flavor of Christianity is the only "true" doctrine.

    I've decided to cease posting there, since Ray never responds and reasonable discourse is apparently impossible.

  10. jg,
    precisely. He might as well add the question to his 'tests': Are you a Christian? If you disagree with my doctrine, you're not, sorry, BURN!'

    You know what would be really funny? A dozen Jehova's Witnesses invading Ray's.

  11. You know what would be really funny? A dozen Jehova's Witnesses invading Ray's.

    I'd pay to see that. Or Scientologists.

  12. @Felix:

    "You know what would be really funny? A dozen Jehova's Witnesses invading Ray's."

    Or a dozen Jehova's Witnesses on bikes chasing him down one day while on one of his leisurely rides.

  13. Or a dozen Jehova's Witnesses on bikes chasing him down one day while on one of his leisurely rides.

    hahaa! Tract Battle Royale!


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