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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

PZ refuting Ray live on WDAY

PZ Myers is currently speaking on WDAY, refuting the ridiculous talking points put forth by our pal Ray yesterday.

Listen to it live here.


  1. I missed part of it. I hope there is am mp3 of this later.

  2. It's over. Only one cracker-nut caller. Seems like all the others were educated people (Pharygulists presumably) who knew what they were talking about.
    I shamelessly plugged this blog in the comment thread at PZ's :)

  3. An mp3, not am. I seriously can typo anything.

    Felix, I bet none of the fundies listened to it, which is really a shame.

  4. I wish they had the debate, it would have destroyed the RRS vs. WotM debate for sure. How did that end up changing?

  5. Allegedly Ray didn't have time, so the radio guys decided to have them separately, and to avoid mudslinging. By their comments at PZ's, they anticipated the mudslinging and debate detractions to come from one side more than the other...
    I think they're probably right about that. Ray gave them enough nonsense by himself already, so it's likely that no listener would have understood anything about science in a 'debate'. A debate would have been pure entertainment, but the biology was important. I hope some listeners learned more about the wealth of knowledge that supports evolution, and PZ did well in addressing different angles, from fossils to genetics.

  6. The biology would be important, but I can see PZ dominating anyway. Ray will say one of his things and PZ would just demolish it with science.

    Then you'd hear Ray snort derisively into the microphone and claim ID is being oppressed, move on to the next thing, etc. I would figure the 10 minutes in to the interview, when PZ is being particularly commanding, Ray will trot out "Well, Dr. Myers, if you're so good, let me ask you... have you ever told a lie?"

  7. Any non-media-related link for me? My work blocks them and I'd really like to download it to my MP3 player.

  8. http://download178.mediafire.com/d2cd0rt3ck2g/wwzfgwmndqe/WDAY-Ben-Jim-PZMyers-06-08-2008.mp3

  9. Quick poll:

    The Cambrian Explosion caller...a horribly fake accent. Agreed?

  10. geoff,
    dohn't äsk mie, eim Tschörman.


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