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Friday, August 1, 2008

Evidence of Ray's Dishonesty

My trip is winding to a close and, as such, I have had no time for blogs. Rest assured, though, I'll make a return this weekend with an exciting new project for next week.

I had to, though, address Ray's latest post where he claims he has not been dishonest with his quotes. Allow me to dispel this latest bit of dishonesty. I hope you're reading this, Ray, you may learn a thing or two. Here are the exposures posted by me alone:

With Egg On His Face -- Ray makes a post claiming that Einstein believes the Bible is the Word of God. Later on he deletes it with no mention or retraction.
His Learning Stumbling Block -- Following up on the above, he distorts what Einstein has said and clarified, using only select quotes.
Einstein MUST Have Believed in a Creator -- Ray insists that Einstein believed in a Creator and attributes to him the "creation must have had a creator" yet sources it not. It also points out the quote mine of Hawking.
Another Toe-Stubbing Post on Hawking -- Points out where he has quote mined from A Brief History of Time. Hawking has used a rhetorical statement to lead into a discussion followed by a conclusion of a closed universe wherein there is no place for a creator.
Dictionary of DisComfort -- Shows how Ray redefines and deceptively misuses words.
No, the Banana Is *Proof* -- Ray recycles his banana argument after having conceded it, because the banana was intelligently designed by man, not God. Ray fails to mention this and instead accuses the "atheists" of editing the argument to misrepresent it.
"Blind" Ignorance and Blatant Dishonesty -- Ray edits his "light is invisible" post without any notice after people have pointed out his ignorance.
Ray Has Damned the Midwest -- Ray first says he would not say the fires in California are God punishing the gays, but then turns around later and makes a post stating that.
Atheists Don't Die -- Ray posts a fictitious quote, attributing it to Plato.
Any Toe Left to Stub? -- Ray quote mines Hawking... again.
I Crossed the Line... -- Ray posts another fictitious quote attributing it to Plato. This time, he let's a few comments in and changes it, without any notice.
Ray Comfort is an Animal -- Ray deliberately skips the first, scientific definition in favor of a lay definition on animal.

There are also those questionable posts which are either a result from his dishonesty or his ignorance/stupidity. For example, he continually recycles the creation/creator argument despite being shown that it's circular logic by the bare assertion that it's creation (as I have pointed out, the same argument could be done for evolved beings/evolution). And what of his using misrepresentation of atheists? Or what of his continually using the same flawed arguments against evolution... including those arguments which his fellow creationists urge him not to use (such as the Second Law of Thermodynamics)? Or his misrepresentation of evolutionary theory? Or his comments to his own blog insisting that Einstein said that he thought humans were intelligently designed?

And the above posts are just my posts from my blog from the past one month. This doesn't include his own tracts and materials outside his blog, such as his quote mining of Darwin in his Atheist Test.

Ray is dishonest and the quote miner extraordinaire.


  1. Great work! What is this, meta-dishonesty? Is it just lying, or has it developed into destruction of truth?

  2. I think the approach in this post is the best way to deal with Ray.

    Document his dishonesty and really focus on it.

    Focus on all the quote-mining and document each case.

    Show how his anti-evolution claims have been repeatedly debunked at length, and Ray rarely even tries to defend his lies. Then show how he just repeats them a day later, like no one said anything to him. He's a complete shill.

  3. He has absolutely no shame about lying for Jesus.

  4. Two other words he gives his own definition: faith and worship. "It takes more faith to be an atheist" is the stupidest statement I have ever heard.

  5. THis is like a compendium of all Raylian lying.

    Ray likes to say atheism is a moral issue, not an intellectual one (assume for the moment that he didn't contradict himself here as well).

    Ray's problem is not INTELLECTUAL but PATHOLOGICAL.

    How's that?

  6. Mudskipper, you're correct.

    One time, while listening to the NON POPHETS Podcast, they were reading a letter about a person who called in to Way of the Master radio and spoke with Todd Friel.
    Eventually, the discussion went on longer, and they talked long after the show was over.

    Todd Friel figured it out. It was not the evidence for evolution that makes us believe, it's our love for sin...

    which begs the question- What sin specifically do I love so much?

  7. I like the Non-P.

    I don't get it, if that is the ROOT cause, why not debate that? I don't think they would get anywhere with me, but hey, I love sin, just as much as the next guy.

    Lusting after Kirk's wife daily.


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