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Friday, August 1, 2008

Raytractors RPG

Sometimes I feel like we could be described in an RPG game. Fighting and gaining allies against the fight with DARK OVERLORD COMFORT. I can be the level-34 Spawn Of Satan Mercenary, with my basic attack... Bitching. It easily destroys low level weak minded Rayniacs. My special attacks are-Abortion (Where I rip babies out of local citizens and eat the babies to gain strength) and Oppress (Where I say something logical and give the Rayniacs the feelings of being oppressed, which lowers their defence).

So, to follow my strange freak post, what character are YOU? ...and describe you character, as well.

Oh, and my favorite enemy boss to fight is the TERRY BURTON. You have to beat him 50 times before he goes down. His special skill is Bullshit (Where he says bullshit and his opponent loses enthusiasm).


  1. I love RPG's! Does that make me a false convert?

    The best system I've ever played was made up by my mentor and his friends while they were in undergrad. His minor was in medieval studies, so his weapons system is awesome.

    I suppose I would be the Paladin from the outcast "Falsitus Converticus" temple, out on a mission to undo the corrupt evil temple, bring light to those duped by them, and bring my God's true glory to the world.

    My basic attacks would be my holy sword (get it?), and meditate, which enhances my sword skill.

    Man, I am SUCH a nerd. It's great.

  2. Not to say that I believe Ray or WOTM are evil. I'm just saying that that's how it would fit in the game that you describe. ^_^

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @ Ranting:

    I've never played the Paladin before. I played a guy in ANOTHER friend's system that was in training to become a priest, but rebelled and learned an exotic form of magic when the temple burned his adoptive father at the stake in a political power play.

    That story is still on-going, actually. He's the coolest character I've ever made.

  5. You got me before I could repost my better comment. >:*(

    I'm not a big game player, but I love online RPGs.

    One day, I'll make a Raytractors game...

    Free online MMPORPG...or something like that...

  6. I really like the newer Warhammer RPG (got a complete collection and about 30 novels).
    The cool thing is, they don't have any paladins. They have shiny holy knights and priests - but most of those get corrupted sooner or later. The only people who get through alive are most often the 'I-don't give-a-shit' thieves and peasants.
    Ironically, I like playing inquisitors and witch-hunters most. If you're not a registered sorcerer, I'm coming for you. If you got mutations, you're food for the pyre. If you're lucky, I'll kill you before incinerating your corrupt flesh. Howd'ya like that consecrated bullet point blank, vampire?
    What I leave twitching, the Holy Temple of Sigmar can have for their dungeons. They know how to handle this.

    if Sigmar says they're evil, they are. I've got his gospel, and the witch-hunter's handbook. Trust me, I know them. Doubt is treason. Be very careful.

  7.      I think I could be Skeptic with the ability to make reality change by asking what if something were not true. Okay, not very imaginative, still.
         Off topic: I used to have a book that I could use to solve that cube. It didn't work for anyone else in my family.

  8. There's a fun browser rpg game called Forumwarz that involves disrupting web forums by trolling them. Be warned, some parts of it are in monumental bad taste but are very funny with it - one of the forums is called 'The Konservative Kristian Koalition' which rather reminded of someone we know ... :-)

  9. fight with DARK OVERLORD COMFORT.

    Oh, no, no, no, no, no, if we are going to fight a battle we rather be "the dark overlord." Why would we give up the coolest characters to Ray?


  10. Yeah,
    Ray's more like a troll. You hit him with the pump 12. I think the Final Boss would be Kent Hovind, Prison level, 200 Creationist ninjas with extra thick skulls, impervious to mortal ammunition. Have to go basic and use an ax.

  11. Jesus Zombie at Kent's Side. Don't get bit.

  12. @ felix:

    if Sigmar says they're evil, they are. I've got his gospel, and the witch-hunter's handbook. Trust me, I know them. Doubt is treason. Be very careful.

    Sigmar? Never heard of him.

  13. rob,
    Sigmar is the main human deity in Warhammer Fantasy (not WH 40,000). His story is that he was from an early settler tribe, fought a lot of monsters single handedly, healed people, united the tribes to form the first human nation, and saved the dwarf king from an orc invasion. He ruled for a while and then disappeared. After that, some people claimed to have met him, or had visions of him. Others said he was merely an exceptional human, but then one day thousands witnessed a miracle when one prayed to Sigmar, so his religion was accepted as truely divine.


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