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Friday, August 1, 2008

It's August 1st, But My Strike Is Forever

I will not be posting at Ray Comfort's blog again, ever, until and unless his censorship practices end. I encourage all the Raytractors to join me.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. The counter to the right side of the blog page says it has been 14 days only. We said 15.

    It is a counter, right? Are we doing it by hand?

    Anyway, I think I will only post at Ray's from time to time. As I said, I lke it here better because we do not have censorship, but I do think we should post there intelligently so that people who do not come here can see that Ray is a willful liar, and that extremism is not cool.


  3. I won't be posting there again. The strike should continue as long as possible. All we ever do is inflate his ego.

  4. I've stumbled across a new tactic.

    If someone at Ray's blog says something really stupid, inane, contentious or just flat out wrong; go to their blog and call them up on it (if they have a blog).

    That way there's no protracted debate on Ray's blog making him look like the big man and you get to have a much more responsive discussion with the fundie in question.

    Of course some people (Joshua, Mark, Terry and others) are just unreachable, but there are a few that could, at least, be brought around to reading up on evolution, or revising their thoughts about atheists (maybe).

    It's just an idea - I will be restricting myself to one, well placed comment at the Soap Box every fortnight.

    Oh, and Steven J's patience is immense!

  5. Apropos of our entire engagement with the Raynaics, here's a great articles on the absurdity of Internet trolls:


  6. I have run the gamit of these christian sites over the last few years and I always find that I get weary of the mind numbing ignorance from the same hapless names and I move on.
    I have made four posts over at Raytards since I joined the strike and that was to point out some obvious lies like Terry proclaiming that Ray had a college degree. It's like: Open the door, throw in a hand grenade, move out. Didn't even go back to see if there were any responses.

    I do have a suggestion and that is perhaps we could open a sister site and call it say, "The Hamtractors." Ham uses a lot of sciency sounding verbage and comes off as some kinda scientist. He lies A Lot and most eggregiously does not allow comments. He has a much larger audience that Ray and he posts absurdities on a daily basis.
    It seems that this group is large enough and diverse enough support something like that.

    Personally, Ham has made many statements that I would love to run past you all since you are obviously so well informed.

    Or, if anyone knows of any sites that critque Ham, specifically, I would appreciate a heads up. /d

  7. GE, the strike was intended to last until August 1st.

  8. What happened to flinging dust? She's no longer on the contributor's list.

    Did Ray finally get to her...?

  9. I'm not going back to Ray's blog - trying to debate with anyone on there is pointless. The best thing is to keep a weather eye on it, and let any atheists who do post there know about the strike by a private email if possible.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Oh, and I wont post over at Dumbfort's blog.

  12. Flinging Dust's blog is gone too.

    :( what's the deal?

  13. Her profile and all her posts are gone, too!

    What happened?

    (Also, not going to post at Ray's blog, either)

  14. It's The Nothing (from neverendingstory). All the blogs are disappearing!

    You have to believe!!!!


    Phantasia is slowly dying!!!


  15. I have made four posts over at Raytards since I joined the strike and that was to point out some obvious lies like Terry proclaiming that Ray had a college degree. It's like: Open the door, throw in a hand grenade, move out.

    I agree, that's exactly what people should do. It's pointless to argue about contradictions in scripture when the people debating have completely different opinions on what the scripture is. When they lie or evidentially tell the untruth, 'throw a grenade' and move on.
    I might change my mind if steven j. actually manages to convince someone.

  16. I agree, you should all teach him a big fat lesson and avoid / refuse posting there ever again...

    I honestly cannot tell if I'm being sarcastic or not...

  17. benjamin,
    there are a lot more things you can't tell. Sorry to break it to you, but someone's gotta do it. Thinking is cool, try it out.


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