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Friday, August 8, 2008

I like to dedicate tis song to Ray

No point to this post really. This song just captures my feelings about Ray Cuntfart.


  1. Ray Cuntfart

    I just had a flashback from grade school.

  2. get over yourself, AA. We're not writing for The New Yorker over here. It's just a silly little mocking of Ray's name, like Dumbfort, k?
    btw, piss-shit-ass-doubleheaded-didlo-fuck-nuts. Is that mature enough for you?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You would think that dissenting views were not welcome here by the reception they usually get.

  5. AA, you'd think that you would get it that dissenting views are welcome, but we aren't gonna put on kid gloves to deal with it. Hell, we don't even put on kid gloves to deal with each other.

  6. I don't agree with that.

    I welcome dissent and diffenrnt perspectives, but you're comin off with that not-so-fresh air of christian pompousness.

    In the past I would have agreed with your honey over vinegar approach. But after experincing the over the top insanity at Ray's blog, I'm now convinced most fundies deserve nothing better than ridicule. I've seen so much effort, good info and well thought arguments put in by intelligent, rational atheist and skeptics at Ray's blog. And time after time it's like talking to a brick wall.
    What do you think is the best way to bring down a brick wall?

  7. NaFa:

         Who's your audience? The mindless drones who eat up anything Ray has to say? The atheists who already agree with you? Or undecided people who chance upon the blog and are interested in the character of christians vs. atheists?

  8. AA, part of having an open forum where we don't censor is that you're allowed the freedom to critique what others say, and they, in turn, are free to critique what you have to say.

    Personally, I tend to agree with your point, and while I try (but don't always succeed) to be amiable like yourself, I don't think it's right for me to tell others how to behave.

  9. Pvblivs

    I depends on the topic/discussion at hand.

    With regards to this particlur blog from today, I had no audience in mind. I just felt like venting because I was annoyed about Ray's recent lies over the Myers 'debate'.

    Reaching the 'fence-sitters' is the most realistic goal, because they can be reached with reason. But if a few curse words or a off-hand joke scares them away, then whatever...they need to grow the fuck up.

    98% of my day is spent being a serious, stressed-out mature adult worring about my career, parenting and the other stresses of modern life. This is a nice place to vent.
    As far as fundies go...although I have a whole lifes experience with Catholics, I have very little with fundies. Maybe I'm naiive, but I really didn't realize just how dangerously nutty some of their ideas are. Now I know and I realize fundie-ism needs to go. If you have advice on how to deal with these types, I'm open to it. And I mean that sincerely, no sarcasm intended.

  10. Nafa:

         I was thinking in terms of the idea of "nothing better than ridicule." I don't expect a few curse words will scare anyone off. But if your pattern shifts to mocking and ridicule, you will become unpersuasive. If you feel a need to vent, do so, by all means. I would only recommend keeping it separate from your arguments.


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