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Friday, August 8, 2008

All these atheists and only 3 missionaries


Capt. Howdy's comment got me to thinking. I get a really good laugh out of all the Christians on Ray's blog yammering on about how they are going to go out into the world and do missionary work and witness to others about their religion when they can't even come to a place where there are 30 atheists just a click away because of some profanity and/or blasphemy. At least that's what they claim is the reason. Let's explore that for a moment.

I know this was addressed here not too long ago, but I think it bears repeating. What are you going to do out in the real world when faced with people who look you right in the eye and openly tell you how inane and stupid your religion is if you can't deal with it on a blog? Seriously, you've got a truck load of atheists at your fingertips and you are going to sit around and whine your asses off about how you just can't go to those awful atheist blogs because you might see a dirty word or a string of dirty words that you don't like. The only thing you have done by hiding behind that excuse is to witness to others that your faith is so weak and fragile that it can't hold up in the face of a few words you deem as being profane. Your god must love cowards.

It appears to me that the real reason you don't come here or to other atheist blogs is that you hide behind Jesus' skirt tail to mask the real problem which is that you are bigots for Christ. You want to do all this witnessing and missionary work in the coziness of your soft little censored world where nothing ever disagrees with you and where you never get challenged. You sit around telling people that disagree with you that they are going off to a fiery furnace forever, but you really don't believe that. You just don't like people that don't believe exactly as you do and hell is just a way for you to be arrogant and condescending towards them. You take the 'Oh I'm going to heaven and you're going to hell. Nah Nah NAH!' approach so that you can feel better about yourself. But you know what? That's fine with me. At least it shows what you are made of which is nothing but loads of cowardice and fail.

And when you go out into the real world and try your little witnessing techniques on somebody on a street corner and they scream at you or yell a profanity in your face and you run home in tears to call out for consolation to your invisible friend, maybe you'll remember that there was a perfectly good training ground right in front of you the whole time and you passed it up because you couldn't deal with it.

I know that there are some Christians that don't want to answer some of the questions that have been posed in recent posts here because Silent Dave has said that his ultimate goal is to deconvert you from Christianity. Fine. But Brittany, Cynthia and Patti at least have the balls to come over here and address us. They know we don't agree with them, but they grew a set and waded into the shark infested waters anyway. I have a lot of respect for that, even if I disagree with every single nuance of their theology.

There's been some talk here lately about how if we want Christians to come here then we need to not use profanity and take it easy on them. Fuck that. Whether or not I use profanity is a personal choice, but if I unleash some of it on you because you say something stupid and vile (Hello, Jean!) then don't get all ass sore over it. It's about your batshit crazy beliefs, it's not personal. I don't even know you so how could it be personal ?? And so what if it was ?? Are you going to run, cry and cower every time someone says something you don't like or that has a sting to it?

These were just some thoughts I had at roughly 3am. If you think I'm wrong then tell me I'm wrong, but for the love of Da Jeeeezus, don't sit there and whine about about how no one takes your witnessing and missionary work seriously if you can't even handle something written on a damn blog.


  1. Who's Patti? I haven't encountered her yet.

  2. Patti is Fourkid from Ray's. I like her a lot as a person, I disagree completely with her theology.

  3. Dave, well, I guess I should have included Jean, but I didn't. I don't have any respect for that woman. Patti, Brittany or Cynthia have never said that slavery is ok since we are all slaves anyway. I could have had some respect for Jean for wading into the deep, but she had to go make that damn stupid comment and she still doesn't see anything wrong with it.

  4. Cpt Howdy and NMT,

    These are great thoughts. I don't have a good answer, but it might be that they prefer to witness in a situation when they can stick to the fundy script. When they go out and hit unsuspecting people with the "Have you ever lied?" routine, they catch people off guard with their loaded questions. Here, we know their silly tricks, so they would actually have to produce evidence and make good arguments rather than spouting rhetoric.

  5. I've been witnessed to on the street before. It was funny because I was actually walking home from a book store at which I had just picked up "Letter to a Christian Nation." The man tried the same tactic Ray often does - appeal to emotion, 'have you ever lied?', etc. I countered by pointing out that in order for me to take his commandments seriously, I would have to take his bible seriously, which I did not. We then went into biblical errors and how he could ever be certain he had the one true religion.

    Long story short, we ended up having a coffee and talking for several hours. He became increasingly agitated and disillusioned. By the time we got to evolution, he actually seemed eager to know about it.

    In the end, I ended up giving him 'Letter to a Christian Nation,' and my email address. He still asks me questions occasionally and now identifies as agnostic.

  6. Maragon, that's pretty cool. What we need to do is send you to wherever it is that Ray does his public preaching!

  7. NMT,

    I think that Canada has a slightly different breed of theist than you guys have down there.

    A staggering 40-something(apologies I forget the statistic exactly)% of my country identifies themselves as being without a religion.

    So, fundies are more rare to encounter, and most are still a breed of 'soft christian'.

  8. :::packing bags to move to Canada:::

    Maragon, so will I need I pair of thermal underwear or 2?

  9. Depending on where you live, none. =P

    I live in Ontario, on the 'snow belt' which means an asston of snow but it's not actually *that* cold. I lived in Ottawa which had less snow but was bitter cold - think minus 30 with wind chill. A friend of mine lives in British Columbia. If they get snow over there in the lower mainland, the population is shocked. BC is very mild and Seattle like.

  10. I love cold and I miss it like you wouldn't believe. I'll pack 3 pair and hope for the best.

  11. NT,
    Jean cuts the bullshit and embraces the evil God, you gotta admire that. I get tired of the constant whitewashing and doublespeak from people like Vera who think the babies are better off dead. Jean is fine with dead babies as long as God is doing the killing and not abortionists. I think it is refreshing to find someone who will admit that God does approve of slavery. Terribly disturbing, but refreshing nonetheless. Cynthia and Brittany may not say they think slavery was ok, but they also try to deny God approves of slavery in the bible.

  12. Milo....hmmmm....true, true. That's some food for thought for me. I really need to think on this.

  13. Hmmmm, very interesting. I never though of this in this way. I think I will agree with it. I do not experience the vapors at cuss words (I grew up an oldschool New England Yankee, and they practice some right salty language), but again I get very sad (sometimes to tears) at the existential worldview.

    I know many Christians that never venture into the "other" side - and I fully agree that is wrong.

    On slavery - I am not sure I ever actually weighed in on the topic. The most I think I said (too lazy to check) is that it deals with what is, not with what should be. But I see this comes up a lot - so I am thinking it is time to dig deeper. I think I'll pull out the ole concordance and follow that topic and see what I get. It will take a few days, at least.


  14. Milo,

    I've thought about what you said. It's true, at least Jean does cut through the bull and fully embrace the evilness that is described in the bible as being directly attributable to their god. I guess I can muster up a modicum of respect for that and for not whitewashing it.

  15. Patti, I'm really glad you aren't offended by swear words. I'm looking forward to your opinion on the slavery issue.

  16. Some Christians from Ray's blog lovingly refer to this blog as "the septic tank." So if you're wondering why Christian's aren't coming over here to "debate" with you, perhaps it's the stench of vulgarity and hatefulness that is keeping them away.

    OR, maybe they're tired of having the same circular discussions with atheists, which tend to escalate towards vulgarity and hatefulness.

    OR, perhaps they're busy... They could be working, raising kids, enjoying life, etc... ??

    Lots of possibilities to explore.

  17. "perhaps it's the stench of vulgarity and hatefulness that is keeping them away."

    That's funny, the stench of ignorance and self-righteousness never stops us from speaking to you theists.

    I guess atheists are far more adept at 'turning the other cheek' than you christians are.

  18. Michelle,

    I agree with Maragon 100%. We wade through your tripe to come to your blog...well, some of us do, I don't any longer.

    And notice, I didn't say "debate". That is your word, not mine. I said witnessing.

    If it is because they are 'too busy' then so be it, but sitting at Ray's acting like you are some great witness or missionary and then not going where there are tons of atheists because you can't deal with 'vulgarity' is ridiculous. What, you only want to do your preaching to someone who will sit like a 3 year old and be mesmerized by your arguments?

  19. nonmagical thinking said...
    Patti, I'm really glad you aren't offended by swear words. (snip)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I wouldn't go quite that far - I really don't like the words (and truthfully I don't even know what all of them mean! Course by saying this, I can now probably expect mudskipper to reply with a lexicon and illustrations)It is just that they don't make me wilt - and I would prefer not to put myself in places where they are used regularly - but I have been around them all my life.

    And I certainly don't go looking for my kids to be hearing them - but I suppose they probably know all the ones that I don't - but they didn't learn them in my hearing. I can still remember my sweet, angelic little baby girl at about 5 years old having one particular word keep coming from her mouth - I have no idea where she picked it up (probably from my parents home!) It just seemed so ---- odd that she could use it properly!

    (Just in case you wondered - we never punished our young children for using words they heard, we just taught them it wasn't polite to say them and we did not care to have them said in our home. It has never been a real problem for us.)




    Just kidding, Patti. (Sort of!)


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