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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ya Gotta Wonder ...

You know how Ray keeps yammering on and on about how EVILution must be false, because there are no "species-to-species" transitional fossils? Set aside for the moment that fact that "species-to-species" is a non-scientific, undefined and quite frankly, nonsensical term. Let's then ask the question: If somehow science could produce this chimera, would Ray then be forced to admit that evolution is true? If his entire argument hinges on this absurd concept, then doesn't that logically follow?

Yes, it is also understood that Ray and Logic live on opposite sides of this galaxy, and that even Stupid can't travel faster than light.


  1. No, he would just wave it away as some weird mutation. Like with that monkey-faced pig awhile back. Unless the monkey-faced pig gave birth to a monkey.

    I'd love to see what he'd say in that case. Even if it would completely screw up modern biology. I think it would be worth it. Just to see his head explode.

  2. Ray is really good at denial and he likes to twist facts. Whatever science comes up with I'm sure he'll find away to avoid admitting science is right. I wonder what would happen to these fundies if they were as suspicious of scientific theories other that evolution. They would have to all live like the Amish or something....


    haha Ray's head exploding. I had an idea once that if we all submitted blasphemous comments to one of his posts all at once his head would explode!

  3. I just wanted to add that the soft dinosaur tissues thing Barry Halfwit mentioned in the comments is totally debunked.


    The soft tissue is actually 'biofilm' that takes an 'endocast' of the original tissues.

    Not, of course, that I suspect such an explanation would satisfy a creotard.


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