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Friday, August 1, 2008

Today's Theist Memory Verse...

Emily said...

"C Diddy, you are just posting to argue, cherry picking from the Bible scripture you have obviously never studied and can't understand. You really have no idea how silly atheists look when they're quoting scripture. It's both laughable and embarassing (sic) because you have no idea what you're talking about, and there's no point in explaining for reasons that would take too long to explain.

Have you ever watched someone make a total fool of themselves, and you cringe yet you can't look away, because you are just so EMBARASSED (sic) for them? Well that's how it frequently feels when atheists post scripture.

Suffice it to say, you are completely in error and you look rather foolish. I'd recommend you refrain from quoting Bible verses if you would like to avoid looking foolish in the future.

August 1, 2008 10:47 AM"

Ok, so replace 'atheist' with 'creationist' and 'scripture' with 'science' and you've pretty much got it right. Makes me think of pots and kettles...

I must say though, I don't always think it is the right tactic to use scripture against fundies - in their eyes it only lends veracity to that which you're trying to refute. Still, this made me laugh.

Now if we could just find Flinging Dust, my day would be complete...


  1. the only reason they say we don't get it is because we're do not think like them.

    in reality, we do get it. She never really corrected him (and gave a weak ass excuse for it), just said he was foolish. over and over again. thought it was a joke, but hey.

    Somebody should put a sock in Emily's mouth, and handcuff her so she wont access a keyboard. Sorry, it's people like her that make me cringe, and yet I cannot look away. I can't help but feel humiliated for her. She's both silly and laughable (I'll throw in stupid). Suffice to say, Emily is a complete failure and and to avoid looking rather foolish should stop being a sheep.

  2. Fuck, my post went to waste because I wrote "AND" twice.

  3. is it just me or are they getting more angsty?

    Alltiredup sayz...
    Craig, you are clearly reading too much Atheist revisionist history.

    and you are clearly wrong.


    That is Moses (along with other Law givers) with the 10 commandments.

    Not with the Bill of Rights (as stupidly stated by Craig).

    Actually dumbass, not the ten commandments, you said...

    Partially visible from behind Moses’ beard are Commandments six through ten."

    But, seriously, all you have to do is tell them to prove God exists, and they'll shut the fuck up because the only thing Rayniacs can do is give you the atheist test- which fails on all levels.

  4. And yet more stupidity...

    Dimensio said:

    "Please justify this assertion. Explain why, if Archaeopteryx is a bird, it possesses physical characteristics contemporaneously only in living reptiles, and not in any living bird."

    Mark W Laine said...

    "Uh!!! God created it that way. You see dimensio for those who truly believe the bible from cover to cover as the inerrant word of God we don't have to formulate a postulate as to why this bird has skeletal structures similar to that of a reptile.

    We who love Jesus and God believe God knew best as to how He should create His creatures.

    Don't you wish that Sin had not occurred, through our g-g-g-great grandpappy Adam, and you would be able to examine and pet one of these sweet little critters ;-)

    Someday in eternity I will pet one and maybe you can too if you get with the program."

    That's going to sustain me over the long weekend, I can tell you!

    Have a good one, don't you eat too many babies now, ranting.

  5. Sometimes, I wonder if they're all just doing satire.

  6. ranting,
    exactly. The only option they present when pressed is magic. A sane person must wonder every time how someone can be that shielded from reality and considered a member of a modern society, a voting citizen, with nobody in a responsible position raising a hand to recommend treatment.
    And then every time something even more crazy happens.
    'They're completely normal people, they're just religious, leave them alone and respect their faith. What? They're starving themselves and their children to death in a cave now? How did that happen?'


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