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Monday, August 4, 2008

The rumors of my demise/conversion/abduction by aliens/abduction by Rayniacs have been greatly exaggerated

Guys, I'm sorry I bolted out of here so fast the other day without a full explanation as to why, but I am assuming members of this blog know why and understand. It was a difficult situation and I did what I thought was best with the most haste as possible. It had nothing to do with anyone on this blog, anyone over at Ray's, Jeeezus, conversion, aliens, a sudden demise, or any of the other oddball speculations I have heard/seen/been emailed about. Trust me, if I ever find Da Jebus, I'll let you know. I'm pretty sure you've figured out by now I'm not one to hold back how I feel.

Missed you guys, it's good to be back.


  1. Benjamin is going to be so disappointed. Glad to have you back on the team.

  2. Benjamin really needs to work on his speculation/assumption skills. Thanks Ace !

  3. I was one of those who wondered if maybe you had finally been saved. That would have been your decision and I would have respected it. But I still would have challenged and scorned and ridiculed your beliefs. WELCOME BACK!

  4. Rufus,

    So you're the weirdo !!! ;) j/k !

    If one of the blog members here were to find religion I would probably have a zillion questions for them as to how that came about. We've got some pretty critical thinkers here and I'd wonder what argument they had come across that I had absolutely never heard of before that convinced them.

  5. Nonmagical:

    Most believers think that their personal experience qualifies as proof, as evidence. It's possible that I could have a personal experience that would make me a Christian. It's possible. But I still wouldn't expect my personal experience to convince anyone else without tangible proof.

    And yes, I am a weirdo.

  6. Rufus,

    Well, someone would have to do better than that or I'd just dismiss their reasoning. I'd try to remind them where they left their sanity, but sometimes it's hard to find one it's lost.

    When I was a theist I had personal experiences that I could not explain so I did the 'god of the gaps' explanation.

  7. Welcome back!!! I thought maybe the scorpions had won.

  8. Thanks Marlin!! Some days I worry that they will win !

  9. For what it's worth I never thought for a minute you had converted. Nervous breakdown caused by the sheer inanity posted around here, maybe.

  10. Milo,

    I have one of those every time Comfort updates his blog.

  11. Non magical,

    Good to have ya back!!! I was freakin!

  12. Well, you ow me several days of sentimentalism ... but if that is your smile, then you have paid well.


  13. I'm very glad you're back so soon. I got the impression from previous threads that we 'resonanted well along the same frequency' in a non-esoteric manner ;)
    I've just woken up and haven't had coffee yet, so let me just state my feelings in this manner:
    Happy happy joy joy.


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