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Saturday, August 2, 2008

I deleted a post

Hey everyone,

Just in case you're wondering, I deleted a post made by another member. The reason why is that I was honoring the request of another member, and I'm confident that the person who made the post will understand why I did it.

Yours truly,
Captain Vagueness


  1. [I snipped out 2 pargraphs of direct references to the post from Rufus that was taken down just as I was replying to it - I will leave only this...]

    That nemisis of brown scorpions is often in my thoughts....
    And I think only concern for her could have got me to post here!

  2. That was nice of you; I'm sure she'd tell you herself if she could.

  3. Oops, I did it again - I am sorry my first post sounds a bit snarky in that last sentence - it was not a dig at any person - just the theme of this blog is not one I can agree with - but I hope I am always respectful of any people. I am always aware that there is a real person (with real feelings, joys and tragedies) behind that keyboard.
    (I couldn't help myself - it just is what I say when I sign a letter...)

  4. I still thought it was a nice gesture. :)

  5. Patti,

    I didn't see your original post as anything but a nice gesture. Saying that you normally wouldn't post here isn't insulting at all. I mean, you shouldn't lie about how you feel!

  6. Can someone email me and fill me in on the situation? I've been gone a few days.
    Ranting? Lance?

  7. hi maragon,
    I don't know what this 'deleted post' was about. If you're asking about the 'flinging dust situation', she deleted her profile suddenly and didn't leave a message. There was some speculation that she had suddenly 'jumped the fence' or left for good because of some unknown reason. After we expressed our concern, weemaryanne informed us that it was nothing like that, that fd did this for personal reasons not in our immediate interest, and that she will be back. That's all I know about it.


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