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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Careful--They're Even Reading Us On Remulak!

Will you please read what this conehead is saying about us:

You know, I've just had a thought (limited though you might think that could be) perhaps that's why Flinging Dust [another atheist] has removed herself from your presence...

I realize that what I'm writing right now, could be likened to any one of you mis-using the name of Christ - which, based upon the content of this very post, is not a far flung assertion... BUT...

I'm thinking that Ms. Dust simply didn't want to be associated with people so filled with hatred and rage toward another group of people - and rather than take the next year of her life to try to fight the powers that be, she simply chose to remove herself from the situation...

I know that some of you are truly worried that she's "crossed over" and while I can only speak for myself, I'm sure that I'm not the only person whose been praying that she would see / hear the truth with ears wide open to hearing the voice of God (found in His Word - not some televangelist) humbling herself, repenting of her sins and trusting in Christ for her salvation...

And while I hope and pray that she did just that, I'd be surprised if she did simply grow weary of all of the hate-filled, venomous campaigns against a man [Ray Comfort] who, whether he's as smart as any of you are - has a purpose that helps people, rather than steeps them in blind ignorance...

And while your ignorance is always changing - ours has stayed the same for almost 2,000 years... There's over 25,000 articles [Biblical manuscripts - The Dead Sea Scrolls, etc...] of evidence that attest to the fact that the Bible has not changed...

I know that I've allowed the topic to drift a bit within the bounds of my own comment, so I'll wrap up now...

Dirty Words - only make your point appear childish... Flinging Dust - probably just embarrassed by you all and took some time off to gather her thoughts, though I pray she is part of the Body of Christ and that all of your worst fears have been answered - that would just be fun, and God would get the glory, not Ray... And finally, the Bible - True to the Author... Many have tried to do away with it - perhaps you'd like to give it a try - though, it will be around long after you've died and are experiencing your own version of God's Judgment...

And while your ignorance is always changing - ours has stayed the same for almost 2,000 years...

Evangelical Christianity. Still stupid after 2000 years!

It has a ring to it.


  1. He already made this post as a comment on the blog.

    I just want to see what he says when he realizes that FD probably didn't "see the light".

  2. Wasn't it FD that pointed out that he looks exactly like the Heaven's Gate cult leader

  3. When I saw this had been sort of covered elsewhere, my first thought was 'Ooops, better take it back down.

    But I think I'll leave it up there just for the Remulak thing.

    What can I say? I'm an atheist; I've got all this venom...

  4. No, he's attacking me, but doing it in a subtle way.
    I could care less, though.

    And, I don't give a crap if anybody agrees with him.

  5. Ranting,

    I do not think anybody agrees with him.

    Anyway, guys, I found this thing about parallels between species evolution and language.

    Maybe we can learn a bit so that we can explain evolution a bit better. Even if not, it makes an interesting read.


  6. No somebody agrees with him.
    Just read the other thread.

  7. Ranting,

    You are right. Sorry, my mistake. But MOST do not agree with him.

    Anyway, I went to read Bennie's post at his blog. What a piece of shit Bennie. "Profanity" as you call it, is part of our vocabulary. Ranting's post DID have a message. It was NOT hidden within "lots of filthy profanity." It was crystal clear. The profanity was used very appropriately to enhance conclusions and points of view. I did not see any problem.

    Perhaps, Bennie, you need to learn to read beyond what you find offensive. As of me, i find it hypocritical to state that some words are "forbidden" for a general audience. I was a kid once, you know? And I remember clearly us kids using "profanity" all the time (except in front of adults). If you think that general audiences do not use/know those words under any circumstances, well, you are wrong. So, why not just stop pretending and make good use of them? They can add nice dimensions to your writing.


  8. 'And while your ignorance is always changing - ours has stayed the same for almost 2,000 years... There's over 25,000 articles [Biblical manuscripts - The Dead Sea Scrolls, etc...] of evidence that attest to the fact that the Bible has not changed...'

    I loved this bit. He's saying that his (Christianity) ignorance hasn't changed for 2,OOO years. It's hard to argue with that.

  9. He wanted ammo. He would've called us out on anything else he didn't like (the way we only attack christians, or Ray, etc.).

    He also decided to use FD as an exploit, in a way. He does not even know what happened, and yet talks about FD the most on his post.

    He just wanted to say something, and he's able to. The problem I have is that he is trying to make a point and doesn't address me. He's as dishonest as Ray, making assumptions about groups of people. There is a reason we're called RAYtractors, since we know only Ray and his ilk say the things his blog expresses.

  10. If they're reading us on Remulak, I say that's good -- if anything, we're needed there even more than here!

    Wotta dipshit. I pity anyone who has to work with, live on the same street as, or sleep in the same bed as this guy.

  11. Yeah Ranting,

    When you said that you did not care of anybody agreed with him, I assumed you meant about FD. Then I got it that you meant the "profanity" part.

    This is what he concentrates on in his blog (though he insists on FD's departure--FLINGING! I am still sentimentalized!)


  12. I'm reminded of the scene in The Coneheads movie when the Coneheads have just arrived on Earth and Dan Akroyd and Jane Curtain are in a motel room. Jane Curtain is reading a Gideon Bible and laughing out load as she does. That was funny because it was true.

  13. Fuck. Laughing at LOUD, dipshit. Pay attention.

  14. Wotta dipshit.
    Careful, Wee, fence sitters might become Christians because of a potty mouth. ;)


    Yeah, seriously...Sure, some people may not like profanity as much as I do, but hey! Sometimes a roar is a roar. But if you start making assumptions that people become religious over that...come on, seriously.

  15. Fuck. Laughing at LOUD, dipshit. Pay attention.

    Careful, a fence sitter just lost interest.

  16. Shit there goes another, SHIT! and another! Oh shit ... shit! another ... I better stop talking or there will be no fencers left!

    Hey, did you see the Penn & teller Bullshit on profanity? These guys are the prime example of nice and appropriate use of profanity, by the way.


  17. everyone is claiming Flinging Dust for their own worldview. Everyone is fight over her dead carcass like coyotes. I'm enjoying this.

  18. I always found it interesting how many Christians had more of a problem with profanity than non Christians. Maybe it has something to do with their doctrine giving words powers (i.e prayer, blasphemy). Perhaps this encourages some kind of special hypersensitivity to words. I could be wrong, just a thought.

  19. GE

    I admit i dont think i saw it unless you mean - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xPhje8wepyg&feature=related -

    If it's not that, I'd be interested to hearing it. I like the closing remarks in the video though....

    "If someone says you are too weak to live with freedom, they have turned you into a child".

  20. Skep,
    It's because they want to be PURE. Whatever that means. I don't get it, I've heard TD Jakes say ASS before (granted, it's not that bad), but it is just a word.

    Seriously, if you get offended...OKAY. Everybody gets offended by something (As Penn states). But, this is just a word. To think a word is taboo...THAT'S childish. Not using certain words.

  21. Hum, seems like Pen & teller's episode on profanity was taken out of the web. I find info on it, but no video.



  22. I have no problem with profanity when used appropriately. But when used in inappropriately, I think it makes you sound ignorant.

    The part about one of your members converting is clearly ridiculous of him, but the part where he addresses your tone and language I happen to agree with.

    It's very unwelcoming to many people, and even though you say otherwise now, I'm sure you like to have readers and hope that some people from Ray's blog will check yours out. Your language and tone is a total turn off to some readers and not just the religious type.

  23. Actually, in general I agree with you. Good communication skills precludes the speaker from doing everything he can to piss off the listener, unless the intent is to offend.

    The problem here is that most of us are past the point of civil dialog with a great many of Ray's bunch. Many (not all) of his crowd are dyed-in-the-wool ideologues who are completely disinterested in having an honest exchange of views. They just want to chant scripture to you instead.

    If we're uncivil--and we frequently are--try to understand that we've been provoked. I mean--How do you continue to be civil with people when you know their only interest in you is adding your soul to their collection?

  24. Personally, I try to avoid profanity as much as I can, and it is true that this way of expression can lead to false prejudice about someone's integrity or intelligence. I'm not the sort who would admonish anyone specifically, as I think it's anyone's prerogative to evaluate his own effectiveness of expression. Call me a fence-sitter; at most I'd advise to think twice about what one writes.

  25. Life can be frustrating in general. Does that mean we should give up on civility?

  26. Let me say it like this. I have taken quite a bit of my time discussing evolutionary theory with seemingly nice people on Ray's blog. These nice regular-folks would post every once in awhile gems like "There is no evidence for the theory of evolution."

    I'd call them on it and ask them to consider the evidence for common ancestry provided by HERVs. It's a complex case, but it can be described in laymens terms if you're patient enough. I laid out the case, and what did I get back?

    "We're not interested in that."

    They refused to address it. Just waved it away. And then repeated their accusation that there's no evidence for evolution.

    I guess the point of all that is--
    Let that happen to you a few times and see how you feel then.

  27. Ugh. I think I should forget civility because this conversation is going nowhere.

    No, wait. That wouldn't make anything better. It would only make things worse.

    I have encountered repeated denials of evolution in the face of evidence. My family denies evolution. This is a lame excuse in my opinion.

  28. Fair enough, I guess. Opinion noted.

    But perhaps the reason you hold that opinion is that you haven't spent much time trying to reason with fundies like we have. I don't recall seeing a lot of amiable atheist comments on Ray's threads.

  29. because that's the only place fundies go, right?

  30. I think for the most part we're in agreement, at least in general principles. You can communicate more effectively by maintaining civility than you can without it.

    Where you and I disagree is whether or not continued civility is appropriate in the face of rank dishonesty. You say it is; I disagree.

    Besides, if you really feel so strongly about civility, wasn't your last comment just a tad sarcastic?

  31. I apologize, I didn't realize that sarcasm was uncivil, but I couldn't help but respond to that comment in such a way.

    We can leave it at that. I appreciate you discussing with me civilly about civility ;)


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