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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Favorite science joke

After reading the "The p53rd Psalm" on Pharyngula and since may of us are scientists (or science nerds at heart), what's your favorite science joke?

The botfly maggot turns to the trichinosis larva and says "Hey buddy, I heard you like pork." The trichonosis larva looks the the botfly maggot right in the spiracles and says "Indeed, I encyst upon it."


  1. Who was the artist that drew cartoons about science topics?

    His most well-known cartoon shows a scientist looking at some God-awful equation a colleague has written on the chalkboard. In the middle of the equation appears the phrase:

    ...then a miracle occurs...

    and the scientist says something like "I think you need to work on step 2".

    That ring any bells? It was in a biology book I used to own.

    Another comic he drew showed a similar set-up, with one scientist ending some wretched equation by drawing


    and then saying to the other guy "This is the part I always hate."

  2. From Ogden Nash

    The Ant

    The ant has made himself illustrious
    Through constant industry industrious.
    So what?
    Would you be calm and placid
    If you were full of formic acid?

  3. Told by Richard Wiseman @ TAM6:

    I'm not a fan of Sigmund Freud. His theories aren't testicle.

  4. I used to read and enjoy Freud, but I was very Jung at the time.

  5. captain,
    I found it:

    it's by Sidney Harris


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