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Friday, August 15, 2008

Dirt Alert! The Roof May Fall In!

Delmania said... On the Bible Censorship Post:
"Seriously Ray, if you want to have a debate in which people don't assume you're just an asshole who thinks he's smart, you'd better study up on how to make logical arguments, as well as research ideas like atheism and evolution. "
August 15, 2008 8:32 AM

I do so get a chuckle when someone slips a "bad" word through Ray's filtration devices. hehehe.
I know, it's sophomoric and silly but just the same........hehe


  1. That's awesome. I love when that happens.

    Gotta say, though, I totally read "filtration devices" as "flirtation devices." Which is equally silly.

  2. I sent the following comment. So far it hasn't appeared so I presume that Ray censored it:

    I have a proposal for all atheists on this blog, let's stop commenting.

    Ray's recent posts on evolution seem to be just the last of a long list of topics with only one purpose: act as bait to obtain as many reactions as possible from atheists.
    He doesn't care about converting anyone, or of how much he's been ridiculed, of his lack of education, his lying, his ignorance, or of being proven wrong. It's not like he has any self respect.

    Ray craves being the center of attention, receiving publicity, and having a reputation for fighting atheism, because that's what generates an income for him, and he is hopeful that it will add to his popularity, at least in some circles.
    And his strategy seems to be working, see his recent invitation to debate PZ Myers on evolution, something that any high school kid could have clearly done much better than him.

    By commenting on his blog we are actually empowering him. If we will stop, he will surely brag about the atheists not standing the heat and running away, but the truth is that all that would be left of this blog would be his rantings and the occasional nods of agreement from some of his clueless readers.

  3. Ray's posts about atheism and evolution are about attention. It's the only way he can receive a large number of comments. Look at his latest "Spurgeon Gold" post; only 14 comments. That's why I rarely post there anymore, and verbally abuse myself when I do. Although two of my recent posts didn't make it through. In one I asked Ray if his favorite candy bar was the $120,000 per year bar; in another I asked him exactly who received that $5,917.00 in 2006.

  4. Comments I made on this subject: Hook, Line, and Sinker Ray posts outrageous statements and out and out lies to rile up readers and increase the traffic to his site. I'm not suprised by anything he says anymore.

  5. The "Spurgeon Gold" post makes me laugh. It really shows what Ray has to say when he's not being verbally abusive while hiding behind a computer. Ever notice how Ray doesn't call people names on tv when he films himself preaching?

    Btw, off topic, but how do you post links? I'm new to this computer thing.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Skep, I tried to explain it here, but blogger didn't cooperate. I'm sending you an email.

  8. Is not about slipping in some filthy word is about proving how deprave and ugly a godless person is.

    And so..I rest my case.

    I'll pray for you even if again you will curse but this time at me...which is very likely.

  9. Hey Laura,

    Why would we curse at you? I don't think in general people with or without religion are depraved or ugly and I don't see how ray has shown otherwise. In other words, as far as I know the percentage of immoral religious people is the same as the percentage of immoral nonreligious people. I'm not aware of any research or statistics that shows otherwise.


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