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Monday, August 4, 2008

Are we playing musical blog members ?

I just got back and now Ranting has closed his blog. I think he might be saying he's leaving all blogging at the end of the month, so that would mean us too. That really saddens me. I've had about 40 bazillion laughs from reading Ranting and think of him as a fantastic blog friend. :(

I wish you all the best, RS, whatever you decide to do. And I wish you weren't leaving!


  1. I'll miss RS, too. However, in a group this size, one more-or-less expects some turnover.

    Ranting's blog entry gave me the impression that he has other things he wants to do right now. That's hardly surprising. I wish him every success.

  2. I think he has a lotta stuff going on and he said he was going on hiatus earlier, but we all ecouraged him to stay on. And he did.

    This young man has a great head on his shoulders and we should respect his desire to extract himself from these proceedings.

    I know the feeling!

  3. NT,
    LOL! I am at a loss for words!

  4. Wasn't Ranting going to leave earlier for personal reasons? Or am I thinking of someone else? Anyway, good luck to you, RS.

  5. Dale, I really do this ! I see you as Morgan in Shawshank Redemption, standing in the courtyard of the prison, narrating things around here and at Ray's.

    Rufus, yes, he was going to but decided to stay with us for awhile longer. I wish him all the best, too.

  6. Morgan Freeman? Huh. I was thinking more like Henry Fonda.

  7. Wee, since you put up Joan Crawford, I have starting reading you that way, too. No the Mommy Dearest Joan, but more the earlier Joan, with that quick scathing wit and that look. That look that just dismisses someone completely without a single word, that cool icy glare that only needs a moment to have the effect of silencing anyone that it falls upon.

    I'm putting way too much thought into this aren't I?

  8. NT, it's Bette Davis and yes, you're over-thinking this. But don't stop! it's funny.

    Is that cute snub-nosed schoolgirl with the gorgeous eyes really you?

  9. Wee, thank you and you are absolutely making me blush. Yep, that's me. I figured it was as good a time as any to show myself.

    I envisioned a young James Dean when I read RS, btw.

  10. It's always nice to have a mental picture of a person with this sort of a thing. And at the risk of having to sleep on the couch tonight, you are ridiculously cute, NT.

    My wife though is ludicrously cute though, so she one ups you a bit. (Am I cool, Kirsti, or do I need to grab a blanket and set myself up in the living room?)

  11. LOL Lance, thank you and I've seen a pic of Kirsti and yes, she is beautiful. I love, love, love her hair!

    Kirsti, get that man to the couch !!!

  12. Oh, and when I read Vera I see her as Kathy Bates in that Stephen King movie 'Misery'.

    The way that character could make anything seem rational as long as it fit her world is what made me start seeing her that way. Now I'm just waiting to read in the papers that she hobbled somebody for not believing in Da Jebus.

  13. Rarely a day goes by when I don't look at my wife and think of how pretty she is.

    (Lance optimistically moves his stuff back to the bedroom.)

  14. I'll miss RS, but he clearly needs to step back. this topic, in particular can become all consuming and emotionally draining. "Hi, my name is Clostridiophile and I'm a atheistoholic". I have spent many a long night battling these people, spending hours preparing devastating arguments, thinking "this will surely convince this person"...to no avail. No matter how clear, no matter how much evidence, it is nearly impossible to convince people you are right...after all, their parents taught them this stuff, they go to a building to reaffirm it every week, and millions agree with them.

    Anyways, best of luck to RS!

  15. Good luck and Take care RS, or should I say Jean.

    You have a lovely foul mouth, you would make a great sailor. uh oh I'm a little verklempt, talk among yourselves.

  16. hey guys,
    I didn't have time yesterday to post anything. And what a day that's been. I come back here, and find there's a new member who's an old memeber. My heart jumps in happiness at having you back, nonmagical thinking. I felt we understood each other well for the time I've been here so far.
    And then someone proudly announces the merits of slavery. Wow. From a hapyy slave-drone's standpoint. Even wower.
    It's perfectly ok if ranting wants to take a break for as long as he wishes. A sharp mind shouldn't spend all his time on one thing. It takes guts to make that decision, kudos. Now, where have I heard the term 'herding cats' before? Run 'em dizzy, I say. Who needs any more confirmation that we're not a cult? Ranting, you're a guy destined to do important things, I can see that. Step back, breathe some fresh air, and go for it.

  17. Felix,

    By what standard do you know that you're happy?

    Ha...you know you missed that.

  18. Okay, Lance...you're saved this time. But only because I agree with you that NT is pretty darned cute. I'd kill for skin like that!

  19. lance,
    sure did ;)
    But... wait a minute, by what standard can I account for my memory of having missed it yesterday, and is it the same standard that applies today?
    by what standard do you account for your post?

  20. Felix, thanks !

    Kirsti, you are too sweet ! Thanks !
    But by what standard do you account for your thoughts on good skin? I'm sorry, I couldn't help it !

  21. I'd describe NT as cuter than a bug's ear- Thats what I tell my nieces!

  22. Thank you Dale ! I just hope that bug isn't a scorpion !

  23. Now why would this be?

    Now that I know we got a couple of hotties on the blog, suddenly I don't wanna look oafish by swearing!

  24. You know, in the end, RS has a point about blogging. It takes up a load of time.

    And let's face it--hanging around fundie sites and blogs is like a prescription for irritation and stress. It's like taking up stubbing your toe as a hobby. Sort of.

  25. What Comes Naturally
    (By Weemaryanne)

    "I've seen her face," the Captain mused, "and suddenly I'm tongue-tied.
    This feeling's very strange to feel. And who can tell me why?"

    Oh, Captain, my Captain, the
    reason's called "libido" --
    And you can look it up, but I doubt you really need to.


  26. I google every morning right after I brush my teeth.

  27. Oh yeah, I took y kids to a movie a few years ago. The title was, "the man that stubbed his toe."

    The problem was that it was so full of obcenities that I had to take them out of there.

  28. @dale--

    I google every morning right after I brush my teeth.


    Just don't swallow.
    Whatever you do, don't swallow.

  29. And let's face it--hanging around fundie sites and blogs is like a prescription for irritation and stress. It's like taking up stubbing your toe as a hobby.

    Stubbing your toe is so much more fun when the thing you stub against squeals. Muhaha.


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