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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whose your daddy ??


According to Emily there are only 2 choices as to who your father is : her mythological deity or her mythological evil force. Congratulations, Emily, you win the false dichotomy award for today.

Actually, Emily, my father is a man -- a human being. He is not invisible, he is not mythical, and he doesn't live in an invisible sky place with other invisible sky creatures. I don't find this to be sad or scary. It is merely reality. When you are ready to embrace it, reality awaits you too Emily.


  1. Emily what a great post. Its either you are a child of God or a child of the Evil One.

  2. Actually my father's name is Bob. Bob Satan....

    Oops. I guess that's a bad example.

  3. "...or a child of the Evil One."

    Which evil one? Dick Cheney or Wyane Newton? Please clarify.

  4. Emily is one of those totally credulous and culturally conditioned beings.

    Her irrational beliefs are hilarious beyond description.

    This spiritual nonsense can be applied to any and every belief in supernatural superstitions to all of these believers, including Islamists, etc.

    I find this mindset hilarious, and deleterious, at best. It is exactly the same mindset as those that follow their horoscope or their fortune tellers. Astrologers suck money out of their minions the same way that these fundies do, preying on the credulous ignorants.

  5. Which evil one? Dick Cheney or Wyane Newton? Please clarify.

    Ummm...Michael Bolton? Hello?

  6. And Jean, are you aware that Emily didn't actually post that to here? It was posted by NT in order to make fun of it!

  7. A belief is not an idea that the mind posesses. A belief is an idea that posesses the mind.

    People that allow themselves to be posessed by these "biblical myths" are exactly like people who become posessed by fortune tellers, astrologists, and mediums. It is quite funny when you think abut it.

  8. Jean, I just want to point out to you again what Lance pointed out, in case you don't realize it.

    I posted this here because it is absurd, Emily didn't post this here.

  9. This "Jean" is the most vile, ignorant, and offensive "christian" that I have ever seen in my experience. And she has also been arguing with Ray.
    I must say that I think she is is a sock puppet, an ignorant contraraon who gets her rocks off offending everybody "she" can, and I shall completly ignore her in the future.

    You will have this type of people that thrive on making ignorant statements.

  10. Dale, you know what I can't stand about you? It's never quite clear exactly how you feel about something. Quit pussyfooting around, man! Just tell us what you mean!


    Oh, and NT, I still don't have time to respond to you.

  11. "Jean" is probably some SyetenBy looking for attention, looking to be disruptive and nothing of substance. It is obvious that "she" is a contrived character looking for attention.

    She is a fraud and a phoney. It is totally obvious.

  12. Lance, if it weren't for using up precious bandwidth I would respond to you.

  13. Dale, I am still unclear on your nebulous feelings about Jean. ;)

  14. Lance,
    Sorry, I will try to be more explicit about my true feelings in the future.

    I will make every effort I can to not "beat around the bush."

    I promise not to couch my feelings in vague terms. K?

  15. NT,

    You are a master at satire and I love you for that. Lance too.

  16. Rando said...

    Actually my father's name is Bob. Bob Satan....

    Oops. I guess that's a bad example.---

    Heh. As I posted on Ray's blog. My dad's name really IS Bob. Although, he's got a different last name...as far as I know. Hmmm...have to call Dad.

  17. Jean, you appear to have won the runner up spot for false dichotomy award. Thank you for playing? Click.

    What utter horseshit. Unwarranted assumption of the existence of your great sky daddy and his evil twin.

  18. NT,

    I just wanted to take a moment to respond to you. For starters, WHOOPS! I'm totally out of bandwidth. It'll have to wait for another day.

  19. Lance I am absolutely 100% out of time. I have no time whatsoever, and I just wanted to take time to tell you that I have no time to respond to you.

  20. What the hell are you people talking about?

    Everyone of us has exactly the same amount of time. Right?

  21. Oh Dale, did you not get the memo??? Fundy time is different than atheist time.


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