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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Way Too Much Attention

Reading the comments to Silent Dave's post, I looked up Ray's now deleted Too Much Attention post. I didn't see anyone point it out, so do you know exactly what "atheist website" this quote is supposedly from?

It's from this comment to a post at the Friendly Atheist. What is the post on? It's More Ray Comfort Dishonesty regarding Ray calling him a no-show and a chicken -- which actually links to my original post on the affair.

Doesn't this remind you of his post Quote-mining From an Atheist Site where he went through the comments of the atheist site and pulled some out. And what was the atheist site? Why, PZ's post on Ray's comments about God punishing the gay marrying California.

So, I think Ray definitely pays attention to everything said about him -- yet he always removes the reference to any atheist source (such as when he edited out The Atheist Experience from Russell's recent comment). I think The Raytractors catching his calling PZ a chicken is what prompted his faux apology.

I think this explains why he had made the post:
This person is right. Why don’t you atheists quietly back off? It’s not helping your cause. Stay on the atheist sites.
I think we got under his skin a bit, exposing him and what not. What were those Bible verses about wanting to be in the dark and hiding from the light, and that other one about loving correction, again?


  1. I'm sure it got under his skin. I'm sure he would have never made that backhanded apology if we didn't bring it up. He would have never deleted the Too Much Attention post if we hadn't called him on it. Just when you think Ray Comfort can't get any more pathetic, he lowers the bar.

  2. Hi,

    Firstly, hello - I'm a new poster here, but I post on Pharyngula and RDF. I've recently posted a couple of things on Ray's blog after hearing the white noise that passes for coherent arguemment on the radio show the other day. Previously I'd just been aware of the Banana video (a comedy classic) and dismissed him as an joke. He is a joke.

    But he's more than that too. It's frightening that a man whose relationship to reality is so tenous could attract so many acolytes. His arguments are spectacularly weak and yet he appears to have people hanging on his every word. I wouldn't mind if he were to have an disagreement over a specific issue, but from what I've seen, he spends his whole time defeating strawmen... and then he complains when people point out no one actually holds the view he's attacking.

    Either that, or he just outright lies or misrepresents what other people say. I'd be all for ignoring him but for the fact that some people are persuaded by his steaming cack and I think it's essential to keep challenging it.

    Anyway, I'm glad someone took the time to investigate the source of that quote. I wondered about it myself, but didn't have time to check it out.

  3. Another three-pointer for DiscoIgno, congrats!

    Ain't that always the way -- turn over the rock and see all the ugly little things squirm. And if you listen real close you'll hear 'em protesting "But I wasn't doin' nuffink!"

  4. I really do think Ray is desperate to reinforce his own belief system in the face of so much reality. I think the only thing that's keeping him a professed Christian at this point is the lack of any mirrors in his house.

  5. It might just be me but I sense a change in the demeanor of the commentors over at Comfort Zone.

    Some of the more delusuional characters have been quiet as of late. That very well could be due to the summer weather. I know I have been spending a lot of time out and about the yard, hiking with the dogs, etc. It won't be long and it will be dark at 5 PM and colder than a well diggers ankle up here.


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