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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

To Rufus


Having read over your contributions on this blog, I am deeply honoured that Terry Fuckwit over on Ray's blog has accused me of being you. I only hope you enjoy being me half as much and congratulations on having become British and having lost all your hair.

Do you have any advice on how best to be you? At the moment I'm pretty much limited to liking 'things and stuff, mostly things'.

Yours sincerely,



  1. Hey BaldySlaphead I haven't seen you around before so welcome to the Raytractors team!

    That's really funny Terry would accuse you of being someone else because Terry pretends to be like 5 different people on the blogging internets. Anyways congratulations for joining the "Terry is convinced I'm something I'm not" club. Currently Terry is convinced Ranting Student is a nazi and I've had a sex change.

  2. When I first starting posting at Ray Comfort's blog there was Terry Burton, there was "Man with a Badge", and there was "Wild About the Gospel". You've probably noticed Terry Burton' "style". The Man with a Badge and Wild About the Gospel IDs would have he same style, wild accusations, even the same "Blogs" as Terry Burton. Sometimes, they'd have conversations with one another. A bunch of us kept calling him on it. He even claimed that Man with a Badge was someone named Steve who was renting a room on his houseboat in the Keys; he used Terry's computer and that was supposed to explain the nearly exact similarities in writing styles. We, kept it up, even some of his fellow believers called him on it. It's been quite awhile since Man with a Badge and Wild about the Gospel posted anything. If an atheist doesn't have a profile he accuses them of being someone else, but he rarely says anything when a believer doesn't have one. Unless the believer criticizes him, like All Fired Up did recently. This AFU guy criticized Burton about some of his bullshit and TB accused him of not being the real All Fired Up, of being an atheists posing as AFU. Terry Burton is a psycho.

  3. I just noticed another thread where Terry Burton and a fellow believer are getting into it; the For Christians Only - 30 Second Promo thread. Terry and Joshua S . Black. There are a couple of kooks.

  4. Thanks for the info. I've just posted a fairly blunt response to Mr Fuckwit regarding his multiple personality disorder, so we'll see what he has to say.

    Rather cheekily, I dared ask 'What would Jesus do?' too. It would be very regretable if that made him mad.

  5. This guy claims to be some kind of Blackwater ninja contractor.

    Since there's five of him, technically he's a squad.


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