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Thursday, August 14, 2008

They Always Were Quite Subtle . . .

ERIC IDLE: Hello, I'm Silent Dave.

MICHAEL PALIN: You mean Not-So-Silent Dave! (laughs)

ERIC IDLE: I'm sorry?

MICHAEL PALIN: I said, you mean Not-So-Silent Dave! (snigger)


ERIC IDLE: . . . oh, I see! Silent Dave, but I talk quite a bit, so I'm not so silent . . . Not-So-Silent Dave! Hahaha!

MICHAEL PALIN: Yes . . . I expect you get people making jokes about your name all the time?

ERIC IDLE: No, actually it never struck me before. Silent Dave . . . Not-So-Silent Dave! Haha!


  1. Dave,

    Your unexpected explosion entangles us in a web of premature umbrellas and precocious timepieces. Tensile congratulations on your conceptual development of obliterative existence!

  2. You are, indeed rather the master at elongated questions directed at our xtian friends.

    You may be realizing that the more complicated the question, the less chance of illiciting an answer.

    Been there/ did that. Excuse me if I may come off as cynical, and I suppose I am, although sometimes critical thinking is flagged off as cynicism by those who don't have it.


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