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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sheesh...Ray isn't even trying anymore...

Witness the latest blithering idiocy of our good pal Ray Comfort. First he attempts to twist a Lewis Beck quote into an affirmation of God. Priceless.

Then, he goes on to say that he agrees with Beck regarding the gullibility of human nature (not exactly what Beck was alluding to, but definitely a subject near and dear to Ray, for obvious reasons), and cites as an example...you guessed it, evolution.

Yes, according to Ray, the Theory of Evolution, which is supported by an overwhelming amount of evidence, is the proof of man's gullibility, while his magic Sky Daddy, his zombie son, and all the various ghosts and spectres of his irrational superstitions, which are not supported by ANY evidence, is the Truth.

What's really tragically laughable about this is that Ray cautions his acolytes thusly:

"It is a lesson to us never to take what we are told on face value."

That's precisely what we don't do with evolution, Ray, and you would know that if you had any understanding of the Theory, or of the word "Theory" as it pertains to the scientific method, or, indeed, of the scientific method in general.

That's also precisely what you expect of everyone when you read from your big magic book...you expect everyone to simply accept what you're telling them on face value, and any failure of them to do so means they're "rebelling against God".


To maintain that we "should never take what we are told on face value", and then turn right around and try to sell religion is a serious stretch, even for you, Ray. The cornerstone of your religion is faith, and faith is nothing more than a willing suspension of the critical thinking process...to believe in something despite a complete lack of evidence to support the belief. In short, faith is the act of taking what you are told at face value.

Ray then revisits his moronic claim that evolution's purpose is to give atheists an excuse to hide from God. Ray, we don't need an excuse to hide from something THAT ISN'T THERE.


But Ray's post isn't all lies. He inadvertently writes an extremely accurate statement near the end of his post:

"Man is a deceiver and at the same time he is easily deceived. The essence of deception is that a deceived person will not know he is deceived."

As we all know by now, Ray has quite a bit of experience with deception...after all, it is his meal ticket.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I smell smoke. I think my Irony-Meter just blew a coil again. Damnit, Ray, these thing's aren't cheap, and some of us don't have mouth-breathing cultists to fleece for walkin-around money.


  1. Ray reached the bottom of his bag of tricks long ago. We've heard all he has to offer--Bare assertions and the insistence that the obvious--and only possible--explaination for how there could be anything is that a supernatural, immaterial, intelligent entity created it. Ray just doesn't accept that there's anything to debate. I think he believes that we're just being difficult and need encouragement to believe, not evidence.

  2. I'm starting to think he's the greatest poe ever. No one can possibly be that dense! No one. I will not accept it.


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