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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Memo to Ray Comfort


1. I am God.
2. You must pay Silent Dave $5,000 at once.
3. If you don't, you will burn in Hell forever.
4. Since you have stated that the existence of the transmission medium of a message is sufficient to establish the veracity of the message itself, you have no grounds upon which to dispute the truth of 1-3 above.
5. Please email silentdave47 at gmail dot com to arrange payment.

Yours Truly


  1. only $5,000? We know Ray has more than that. Ask for more Dave, I mean god.

  2. Ooh...could I be your priest, Dave? I'll make up a batch of special cookies and call them "Dave cookies", and tell them the cookies magically change into little pieces of you, and if they're naughty (i.e., don't do what I want), I won't let them have the cookies, and they won't make it into Dave heaven!

    <Guinness Guys>



    </Guinness Guys>


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