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Friday, August 15, 2008

Jiminey Flippin' Crickets!

Okay, I'm gone a few days and there are so many danged posts that the thought of even trying to catch up makes me cry. Any highlights or "must read" posts?

I shall use my psychic powers to guess at a few things that happened:

1. Ray showed that he doesn't understand evolution.
2. Ray said or implied that atheists are fools.
3. Terry Burton said something really crazy.
4. Maragon clearly pointed out the flaws in a fundie's logic, only to have them still not get it.
5. WeeMaryAnne wrote something funny.
6. Dale got righteously indignant.
7. Ray continued to be a general all-around douchebag.

That about right?


  1. That's about right.....

    Like I said before, there should be a "Must Read Posts" sidebar.

    I nominate


    These two posts show how dishonest he is and how much money he makes off his dishonesty.

    It doesn't even need to be on the side, it could be up the top or something.

  2. Average around 20 posts a day. All good.

  3. Yeah. We had to carry your lazy ass while you go on va fucking cation and you wanna talk about Dale got righteously indignant?

    Get your lazy ass back to work you worthless piece of... Oopps. Sorry, I won't get righteously indignant any more. Promise ****dale, hiding crossed fingers behind back*****

  4. I'd say the most interesting thing you missed was aceofclubz investigation into Ray's and his clan's and Living Waters' finances. I posted it at AC and it made it through, but it didn't last long. It was pulled. Anytime I post and mention it, it doesn't make it through. I guess Ray needs to add to use rules about what isn't allowed.

  5. jill--

    I agree about the 'must reads' sidebar.

    If I may ask, your profile says you're in Australia, but you listen to Japanese music.

    I'm a bit confused by that. Would you be willing to elaborate?

  6. Captain Howdy, um, nothing really to elaborate. I'm just a big music fan. I haven't been to Japan. I also listen to a lot of Afro-beat but I've never been to Africa... So sorry, no interesting stories...

  7. Oh, okay.

    I thought maybe you were a staffer working at the Japanese Embassy down there or something.

    Is that traditional Japanese music?

    Just being nosy.

  8. Lance, what you really need to do is focus on getting up some pics from the vacation.

    ::::taps fingers and waits::::

  9. Nonmagic: Oh, I'm sure that wifey will get those up soon on her blog.

    Jill: Thanks for the highlights. While I'm glad to see you join this blog, I must say that I'm offended at the "sleuthing" article as it suggests that Ray might be in this for the money. Why, I never!!! : )

  10. Lance, tell Kirsti I'm waiting....sort of patiently...sort of....

  11. Hi guys! I'll definitely have some pictures up today from our vacation. I have almost 200 of them to go through from the last 5 days, so it may take some time. Not that I'm planning on posting all of them, but you get the point. =)

    Thanks for waiting patiently, Nonmagic. I'm hoping that my pictures turned out okay!

  12. Kirsti,

    Looking forward to it !


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