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Friday, August 1, 2008

I have to say this- On the Matter Concerning Flinging Dust

I hope that this was merely coincidental, but I just cannot get rid of this sinking feeling that some statements I made recently may have contributed to FD's bailing out of these discussions.

Being the contrarian that I am, I do like to stir up some controversy from time to time and I fear that a couple exchanges in two recent threads may have left FD feeling rejected, or her charater questioned, perhaps even her integrity. I actually sensed it at the time it happened, but dismissed it and did not address it.

In fact, I am supersensititve to others feelings. I manage an organization with quite a few people and sensitivity to their value systems/ feelings is paramount to our continued success. But I sometimes take on the role of my alter ego in some discussions with free thinkers, mostly for the shock value and selfishly, to indulge my own dry and salty sense of humor.

I would always prefer to have my ass kicked, as it was, than a friend who was sensitive enough to take it seriously. I am referring to the statement I made to FD about validating her existence through her acceptance of Rob Penn, and FD's curt response.

So, FD, if you are out there, and I had anything to do with your decision to disappear, I will tell you from the bottom of my brain that I am sorry beyond merely being sorry, because you were a never ending source of logic and reason. I sincerely apologize if I offended you in any way.

Also, if you read this, and because of the discussions we have had over the last couple months, I hope that you are well, and that you are successful in any endeavor that you choose to persue.

Respectfully submitted, dale.


  1. Actually, that is what I was thinking, but I wasn't going to mention it. I'm too thick skinned for your comments directed at me to bother me, personally. I admire and respect your apology. If that is what happened to FD, I hope she accepts and returns. And if she did find Jesus, well, she's a free human being.

  2. Rufus,

    I hope you are not right about this. I literally feel sick with the sense that I may have caused this.

    Thank you for holding those feeling close, but I would have deserved it if you dissed me over it.

    I sometimes forget, especially in anonymous venues, that not everybody likes it as rough and tumble as I do.

  3. Thanks dale, this and your other post cleared things up. I hope you didn't hit the wrong nerve with flinging and caused her to leave. She might be just reworking her internet presence for all we know, so don't take blame too early.
    You're a very peculiar person sometimes;)

  4. Peculiar.
    I would imagine you are being kind. Thanks.


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