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Friday, August 8, 2008

I can't take it anymore (Close your eyes, Patti ! I'm gonna cuss !!)

I'm sorry I just really can't take it anymore.

"It is fairly clear, from a biblical worldview, that the folks living in God's realm are nothing like us. Some are very bizarre looking from the description. They can apparently move through walls and other physical objects."

Move through walls. Move through fucking goddamned walls. Move through physical objects. MOVE THROUGH WALLS AND PHYSICAL OBJECTS !!!
Sky daddies, angels, ghosts, spirits, the boogey man carting your ass off to hell !!! :::runs screaming from the credulousness and stupidity:::::

Why, Vera, WHY, do you have to remind everyone every 5 fucking seconds that you used to be a nurse?? Are you trying to convince someone you're smart? Do you want a cookie ??? Trust me, Vera, no one is going to think you're smart after you've said some of the utterly stupid shit you've said about creationism and especially after you've said that people living with a god you worship walk through fucking walls.

More likely, people will think it's pretty damn scary that you were a nurse in charge of the care of other human beings while believing in such complete nonsense and bullshit.

Sorry, folks, it had to come out.


  1. NMT,
    I haven't been over there today. What post did she say that on?
    I do feel the need to go over there and tell her what I think about this nonsense.

  2. Dale,

    It's on the King of Atheists post. I think she was talking to GE.

    I found out that one of the bible stories is true. Jeezus wept, and it was because he looked into the future and saw Vera's stupidity.

  3. Thanks'
    By the way, I just realized your opening sentence is a linkage to that!

  4. NMT,

    Of course, this statement is outright insane, but even worse, Vera considers her and her husband, Doug to be Prophets From God.

    Vera is a special case, indeed.
    She justifies any bat shit crazy statement she makes by saying that God "inspired" her, or that God "told" her.

    While other xtians recommend "living by the bible." Vera thinks she is chosen by God to save "The lost Church."

    She has made the most bizarre statements I have ever seen at Ray's. Actually, she makes Burton look almost sane by comparison.

    She exudes arrogance in her delusional state and I feel sorry for her, and mostly for her kids.

    I am certain that most anyone she comes in contact with will conclude that to give her any type of power over others would be very dangerous because she goes extra-biblical very often, arguing that she must be right because God told her what to say.

    Her and Doug seem to be some church or cult unto themselves and it is obvious that they could not be members of any group because they would immediately be telling the stakeholders that they are the only truth. I would bet that they are very isolated socially.

    People like this can be very dangerous to themselves and the sanity of anyone that comes into contact with them.

  5. Wow, Vera. When did he move from strict super-conservative creationism to a weird form of intelligent design?

    And when did God become confined to an alternate dimension? Seems to me that his god is a bit small...

    @ nonmagical thinking:
    I'm not sure whether or not that was blasphemy, but I kind of chuckled at the Jesus wept thing any how.

  6. Dale,

    Your synopsis of her is spot on. You know how the Phelps family is isolated unto themselves? That's how I see Vera and her family.

    I just hope she doesn't go nuts and make her kids drink poison kool aid because her god told her to.

    I really can not fathom what it must be like to be as mentally off kilter as she is.

  7. Rob,

    I'll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress!

  8. Here is another of Vera's paragraphs.
    Please, tell me, does this make any sense whatsoever?

    "I wish you could see this from my perspective. Knowing these things helps me to understand God a whole lot more because it shows a great deal about His character. Take the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon seems to be haphazard in construction. Because it isn't a perfect triangle, you might argue that it is similar to the DNA argument in that it appears to be thrown together. Yet how many thousands of people pay to see the wonder and beauty of the Grand Canyon? Could that contain purpose? I believe it does."

    This woman is in deep trouble.

  9. Yet how many thousands of people pay to see the wonder and beauty of the Grand Canyon? Could that contain purpose? I believe it does

    See, if you want to be smart like Vera all you have to do is just put the words 'I believe' on something and presto !! It's obviously true!!

    So, she's saying that there is a purpose to people paying to see the Grand Canyon ?? Of course there is. It's a cool thing to see (especially from the sky). It's a natural wonder. Does it prove anything about a god or Da Jeeeeeebus??? Nope. Sure doesn't.

  10. Uh-mazing.

    There's no talking to someone like Vera.

    There's no listening to her, either.

  11. God is in the business of creating tourist attractions. Makes sense to me.

  12. Yet how many thousands of people pay to see the wonder and beauty of the Grand Canyon? Could that contain purpose? I believe it does

    Think of all the amusement we get from Vera's craziness. Could that contain purpose? I believe it does.

  13. Hm, nurses, waitresses and engineers. If that's some sort of patter, I have no idea what it is. Wait a minute: suffering, death, design and easily accessible people. That does show something, don't you think?

  14. add the letter n to my above post at any place you wish.

  15. Felix, I'd love to see what you could recommend for the book post below!

  16. @ dale:

    Re: the grand canyon thing.

    I think it makes sense. She's saying "The Grand Canyon seems to be just thrown together, but people still think it's beautiful. Those who argue that DNA is just thrown together, therefore, can't say that it's appearance as such shows that God didn't make it."

    Now, I'm not sure that it's a good argument, but I don't think that it's completely nonsensical.

  17. @ Craig:

    God is in the business of creating tourist attractions. Makes sense to me.

    I mostly agree with that, actually.


  18. @ felix:

    That does show something, don't you think?

    That people who see these things on a regular basis know their origins when they see them?

    Sorry, I couldn't help myself...

    Actually, no I'm not. It was too cheesy to be ashamed of. ^_^


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